Revenue from the SUNY student health fee is directed to health, counseling and prevention services and related programs.  At Buffalo State, the health fee supports operation of the campus's health and counseling centers.

SUNY's policy on student health services contains principles governing the provision of such services, including the following:

  1. Campus based health services exist to serve students, based on needs assessment

  2. Campus health services should provide access to delivery systems for primary acute illness and injury care, as well as specialized clinics and educational programs

  3. The nature and scope of the health services provided should be developed and measured in conjunction with existing national standards

  4. In an effort to ensure quality health care, campuses should regularly assess all aspects of medical and educational programs, student satisfaction, and support of institutional mission

SUNY's policy on fees, rentals and other charges authorizes use of the health fee. The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is the primary avenue for student and campus community input into planning, delivery, and evaluation of health, counseling, and prevention services.