Students that borrow funds from the Federal Direct Loan or Perkins Loan program are required to complete exit counseling when any of the conditions described below are met. Exit counseling helps students understand their rights and responsibilities as student loan borrowers. The exit counseling session(s) will provide useful tips and information to help manage student loans, including repayment plans and estimated monthly payments.

Conditions when exit counseling is required
  • The student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits of required coursework in their program of study).
    • Exit counseling is required even if the student transfers to another school and is enrolled at least half-time there.
  • The student graduates.
    • Exit counseling is required even if the student begins a new program of study the next semester.

The exit processes for Federal Direct and Perkins Loans are different and explained below. 

Perkins Loans Exit Counseling

Students that borrowed Perkins Loans funds at Buffalo State must complete exit counseling when they depart from the college or drop-below half-time attendance (six credit hours). Students will be contacted by SUNY Student Loan Service Center (SLSC)instructing them how to complete the online Perkins exit counseling.  Students may contact SLSC at (518) 525-2626 or with any questions.

Direct Loan Exit Counseling
(includes DL Stafford Subsidized / Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS)

Students that borrowed Stafford or Graduate PLUS loans under the Federal Direct Loan Program or Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL) are required to complete Exit Counseling when departing from Buffalo State.  Exit counseling is required before students withdraw, graduate, or drop below half-time attendance (even if transferring to another school).

Students will be notified in writing at their permanent address when exit counseling is required.  They will be directed to complete the session online at (must log into website to access the counseling session).  Students that do not complete it online will be mailed or emailed the materials to review and will then need to submit information back to the Financial Aid Office.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete the online session as it uses students' actual loan indebtedness information.

  1. Preferred Method:  Online at
    • Students must log into the website using their social security number, first two characters of their last name, date of birth and federal PIN.
      • Once logged in, select "Complete Counseling" and then choose "Exit Counseling"
    • The online method is preferred as it provides students with their actual loan indebtedness amount and associated interest rates.
    • Buffalo State is notified by the federal government electronically when students complete the session online.

  2. Secondary Method:  Via a paper or PDF copy of the counseling session.
    • Students that do not complete the online session (above) within 30 days will be emailed a link to the PDF copy of the exit counseling.  Students will be emailed at the address listed on their most recent FAFSA, provided it is not their campus address (per federal regulations).
    • Students that do not have an email address reported will be mailed a hard copy to their permanent address.
    • Students must complete pages 19, 21, and 22 of the hard copy and send to the Financial Aid Office. Students should remit the completed pages to:

    Financial Aid Office
    Moot Hall 230
    Buffalo State College
    1300 Elmwood Avenue
    Buffalo, NY 14222

    Alternatively, students may email the required information to  Emailed submissions must include the following 6 data elements.  Students may copy and paste the following text into their emailed response and update the information accordingly.

    1. Subject line:   DL Exit

    2. Your Personal Information
      • Last Name, First Name
      • Banner ID
      • Address
      • Telephone number
      • Email address
      • Driver's License or State ID Number and State (optional)

    3. Employer (optional if known)
      • Expected Employer (after leaving school)
      • Address

    4. Next of Kin: Enter your next of kin (family member) with a U.S. address different from yours, who will know your whereabouts for at least 3 years.
      • Last Name, First Name
      • Address
      • Telephone number

    5. References: You must list 2 persons with different U.S. addresses, who will know your whereabouts for at least 3 years.

          Reference #1
      • Last Name, First Name
      • Address
      • Telephone number

          Reference #2
      • Last Name, First Name
      • Address
      • Telephone number

    6. Certification Statement
      By sending this email, I certify that I have received exit counseling materials for Direct Loan borrowers. I have read and I understand my rights and responsibilities as a borrower. I understand that I have a loan from the federal government that must be repaid.