Students that cannot work through work-study (because they were unable to find a job or because it was not offered to them) have other options for employment.  The Career Development Center (CDC), located in Grover Cleveland 306, can assist students in their part-time job search.  Part-time jobs may be located on-campus or off-campus.  The CDC can help students locate positions and review their resume and/or cover letter.  Students that do not have a resume or cover can use these examples to get started:  resume  |  cover letter

The Career Development Center offers the following services to all Buffalo State students:

Students interested in these services should either stop by the CDC or call to schedule an appointment at (716) 878-5811.


On-Campus Positions

On-campus student jobs not funded through work-study are called "Student Assistant" positions.  Students interested in these positions should inquire with the department to see if they have any open student assistant positions.  Some of these positions may be posted on the CDC's job posting database, ORCA (Online Resource for Career Advancement).  Below are links to departments which traditionally hire student assistants each year.  Remember, other on campus departments also hire students, but may not advertise, so stop by and inquire if other offices have openings.


Off-Campus Positions

In addition to on-campus student assistant positions, many off-campus employers close to campus hire Buffalo State students.  In addition to these part-time jobs being posted on ORCA, students are encouraged to also check the following local job positing sites.

Don’t have a car? Check out the NFTA Bus Route

All undergraduate students pay a "transportation fee" which funds the NFTA Metro Pass Program.  Under this program, all undergraduate students receive an NFTA Metro Pass, which provides unlimited use of both the extensive NFTA bus services on and around campus, and all NFTA bus and rail services throughout the region.