Aid does not begin to be disbursed until after drop/add week is over, i.e. beginning the second week of classes.  Federal Direct Loans and Federal PLUS Loans are usually disbursed first.  Federal Pell Grants and Federal SEOG grants can take up to a month to be disbursed.  State grants and scholarships are often disbursed much later in the semester.  For a comprehensive discusssion of how aid is received by the college and subsequently refunded, please review the Fall Disbursement Schedule website and Spring Disbursement Schedule website.

Refunds and Direct Deposit

Aid is always applied to a student's account as a credit and is used to pay the school charges first.  If there is excess aid after the school has been paid it will be refunded to the student.  The quickest safest way to receive an aid refund is via electronic funds transfer to your personal savings or checking account, known as direct deposit.   Those students who do not opt to sign up for direct deposit will have refunds issued via check to their permanent addresses.  Paper checks take approximately 7 to 10 business days to be received by the student.

Direct Deposit forms are available online or in-person at the Financial Aid Office or Student Accounts Office.  Completed forms should be returned to Student Accounts.  The direct deposit request need not be renewed as it stays in force until rescinded or changed by the student.

Textbook Deferments

Since aid refunds are not made available until later in the semester, Buffalo State offers a textbook deferment program to help students purchase their textbooks and supplies prior to the start of the semester.  Students whose aid exceeds their charges can request a book deferment to purchase books at the Buffalo State Bookstore.  A book deferment is a line of credit that is repaid once the student's aid is disbursed.

Students must request book deferments in person at the Financial Aid or Student Accounts Office. Book deferments begin to be issued approximately three weeks prior to the start of the semester and can begin to be used the week before classes start.  The deadline to request a deferment is the last day of drop/add week.

Prior to requesting a book deferment, students should price their books by visiting the campus bookstore.  They can also price their books online by completing the "Buy Your Textbooks On-Line Today!" section at the Barnes and Noble site.  Students may only request one (1) textbook deferement per semester, therefore, they should take care in estimating their needs.

There is a two business day delay from the time the student requests a deferment until they can use the line of credit in the bookstore.   Students should plan accordingly. 

The deadline to use the book deferment is the fourth Friday of the semester (fall and spring).  Unused book deferment credit will then be transferred back to a student's Banner student account and a refund issued by Buffalo State within 14 days if applicable.