A student must be making satisfactory academic progress at the end of each term to be eligible for federal financial aid. This means a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Students receiving federal aid must also successfully complete at least two-thirds of the credits attempted at Buffalo State (known as completion rate).  The following designations are considered to be attempted but are not considered to be successfully completed: I, N, X, W, U, E, and F grades and courses removed through the academic clemency process. Noncredit remedial courses are counted at their credit equivalence (one to three credits).  Courses that are repeated to improve a grade are counted as attempted each time they are taken but are only counted as completed once.  Unlike the TAP/APTS programs, every semester is taken into account when measuring a student's progress, whether he or she received federal financial aid or not.

New freshmen are required to successfully complete at least half the credits they attempt during their first two semesters. Starting with their third semester, they are then required to successfully complete two-thirds of their credits.

A student who fails to maintain cumulative GPA or meet completion rate requirements is placed on financial aid probation. If the student is still not making satisfactory academic progress after the probationary semester, he or she may become ineligible for federal financial aid until the required standard is achieved.  In exceptional situations, a student who becomes ineligible may be granted an extension to the probationary period. All appeals of ineligibility should be submitted to the Academic Standards Office, Twin Rise 100. Readmission to the college after an absence does not automatically mean reinstatement of aid eligibility.

All students must be accepted into a major prior to completing 57 credit hours to continue to be eligible for federal aid. Students must also complete their degrees within 150 percent of the published program length as measured in credit hours or they forfeit federal aid eligibility.  Generally, that means students can attempt 180 credit hours to complete a bachelor's degree. The 180 credit hours include transfer credit hours and the credit equivalent of noncredit remedial coursework.  There is no waiver of the maximum time frame allowed for any reason.