Study Abroad - Exchange Programs

All federal and state aid for students that are matriculating at Buffalo State College will be certified through Buffalo State College, the home institution.  In the case that a student is participating in a Buffalo State College program but matriculating at another institution, the students’ home institution will process any federal or state aid the student may be eligible for.  The home or host institution may request a consortium agreement be completed to ensure federal financial aid is only being certified by the home institution. 

By submitting an approved budget sheet from the Office of International Exchange or Office of Special Programs, those offices are certifying the student is participating in an eligible title IV program. 

Students must have a valid FAFSA on file before they can be reviewed for aid eligibility.  Once a budget sheet is submitted the student will be reviewed for any remaining aid they have not already exhausted for that academic year.  If a student has already exhausted all Pell Grant and Direct Stafford Loan eligibility, the student will be reviewed to see if they may be eligible for a Perkins Loan.  Perkins loans are only available during the fall and spring semesters.  If a student is attending a program over J-Term or a summer session they will only be reviewed for a Pell  and Direct Stafford Loan eligibility. 

Students participating on exchange are responsible for any and all charges accrued at both the home as well as host institution.  Students’ failure to make timely payments may result in late fees, transcripts being withheld (jeopardizing future aid at home institution), accounts being put on hold, as well as the account being turned over to a collection agency.  When aid is certified and received by the home institution (Buffalo State College) it will first be used to pay off any balance owed to the home institution (Buffalo State College) any remaining aid will then be refunded to the student.  It is the responsibility of the student to pay any charges owed to the host institution or in the case of International Exchange, any invoiced amount owed to that office. 

The Financial Aid Office at Buffalo State College is not responsible for deferring payment on the students’ behalf at the host institution.  The student must work with the Office of International Education or the Office of Special Programs if they need assistance in payment deferment.  The International Exchange Office is located in South Wing 410 and the Office of Special Programs is located in South Wing 420.