Welcome to the Office of First-Year Programs at Buffalo State. 
Buffalo State provides an excellent education that prepares students to succeed in life. Our academic programs have demanding expectations that challenge even the most gifted students. When you add factors such as moving to a new place and adjusting to a roommate, the educational challenge can become harder to face. First-year programs at Buffalo State work to help all Buffalo State students meet our high academic expectations while providing comprehensive support as students adjust to our educational demands and connect to our campus community.

Buffalo State has three programs in its first-year experience: Learning Communities, First-Year Seminars, and our Mastering the Academic Environment Course (UNC 100). Research on universities around the world shows that students who participate in programs like these tend to get better grades, graduate sooner, and be happier with their college experience overall.  This has been the experience here at Buffalo State as well.

Buffalo State allows its students the freedom to select the type of first-year experience they have. Yet, no matter which first-year program a student chooses he or she will receive the benefit of more personalized instruction, more chances to experience the different aspects of our campus and local communities, as well as more unique opportunities for learning.

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First-Year Programs
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