Outstanding Faculty/Staff Contribution to First-Year Student Success:

This award goes to a faculty or staff member who demonstrates excellence in teaching and/or advising in learning communities, first-year seminars, BSC 101, or UNC 100 during the current academic year.  The committee will give preference to candidates nominated by a student. The winner receives five hundred dollars for travel to a professional conference or research materials during the 2007 -2008 academic year.

2008 winner - Laurence Shine, College Writing Program:
Laurence Shine has helped first year students develop a love of sophisticated works of literature in addition to college level communication skills. The students who nominated him noted his ability to help them understand complicated ideas in the assigned literature and relate them to the complicated themes of the Naked America learning community. They see his style as essential in making the transition to the rigors college reading, thinking, and writing much less daunting. In 2007 he helped designed a study tour of Ireland for students in his learning community.

Outstanding First-Year Student Scholarly or Creative Achievement:
This award goes to a student that demonstrates superior academic work. The hope is that winner of this award will demonstrate achievement beyond the traditional measure of g.p.a. For example, students who take advantage of opportunities such as service learning, participation in United Nations Day, or Student Research and Creativity Celebration represent the preferred candidates for this award. The student winner will receive two hundred and fifty dollars per semester during the 2007 - 2008 academic year for textbooks or supplies.

2008 winner - Watoii Rabii:
Watoii Rabii is a psychology major with a 3.82 g.p.a. During his first year of college, Watoii developed a theory based his readings of Karl Marx entitled primitive consumption. In addition, he gave three scholarly presentations. He presented to an audience including international scholars at Ethnographic Dreamworlds and the International Conference on the First Year Experience in Dublin, Ireland. Following these presentations Watoii was singled out by faculty from other institutions attending his presentations as original and thoughtful.

Outstanding First-Year Student Contribution to Campus Life:
This award would go to a first-year student who gets involved and makes a significant contribution to a campus organization. This could be a residence hall floor, student club, program (such as SSSP or STAR) or even a workplace on campus. The student winner will receive two hundred and fifty dollars per semester during their sophomore year for books.

2008 winner - Christine Santoro:
As a first-year student Chrissy served as secretary for the Buffalo State first-year student honor society. Chrissy’s leadership has taken Alpha lambda Delta from a good idea to a healthy Buffalo state student organization with a national affiliation. Her dedication to recruiting new students and keeping students engaged as the national affiliation decisions were made kept the organization moving forward. From her nomination statement, “if it were not for Chrissy Santoro’s involvement and the significant contributions she has made to start this important campus organization, it would not be as successful as it is.