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Forensics at Buffalo State

Buffalo State forensic chemistry majors are scientists. Students engage in a rigorous program that utilizes the latest equipment and offers invaluable field experience through a variety of competitve, compelling internships. Forensic chemistry faculty, students, and alumni share their experience with the program in this two-minute video.

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Video Transcript

Scott Goodman, Chair and Associate Professor, Chemistry

"Forensic Chemistry is the application of chemistry to the criminal justice system. Our program has been around since 1974. We are well established. We have alumni who are now heading crime labs all around the country. We have a strong working relationship with local labs to get our students internships. We have a forensic scientist on staff who worked in the field for decades. We've invested in the equipment so that our students can get hands-on experience on the same equipment they will find in the crime laboratory."

K. Paul Meyers, B.S. '00
Forensic Criminalist, Niagara County Sheriff's Department

"The forensic chemistry degree is extremely flexible. People look at that degree as you are a scientist."

Scott Goodman, Chair and Associate Professor, Chemistry

"It is important that our students get a strong background in science and realize that it's science first, forensics second."

Paul Seidler, B.S. '05, M.S. '07, Graduate Teaching Assistant

"When I was pursuing my undergrad here I got a lot of marketable skills and hands-on time and that goes back to the research experience I've had and the kind of one-on-one with faculty."

Amy McMillan, Assistant Professor, Biology

"I feel that a really big part of my job is to be available to students working in my lab. So when a student comes down and says 'something is going wrong, I can't see what's going on.' I immediately drop what I'm doing and run up there and see if I can figure out what's going on so that we can straighten out the problem and make it work. I think what Buffalo State gives is an amazing opportunity for students to learn how to do hands on research."

K. Paul Meyers, B.S. '00
Forensic Criminalist, Niagara County Sheriff's Department

"The most important part of the forensic chemistry program at Buffalo State was the internship. It's a time when you actually get hands-on experience in a real forensic laboratory. For me, I was hired afterwards."

Kristen Burgio, B.S. '06

"I love it here. The students are great and the teachers are helpful. The program is effective and I believe it's an excellent place to come for the forensic chemistry program."

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