Academic Awards

2004 Award Winners

2004 Recipients of the Outstanding Master's Thesis

Steven A. Gill
The Decline in Crown Management of the Early Stuart House of Commons: 1604–1629
Department: History
Adviser: Dr. Andrew Nicholls  (History)

Diane M. Steele
The Influence of Cognitive Style on Insight Problem Solving
Department: Creative Studies
Adviser: Dr. Gerard Puccio  (Creative Studies)

2004 Recipients of the Outstanding Master's Project

James P. Grover
Science Writing: Writing in a Sixth Grade Science Classroom
Department: Earth Science
Adviser: Dr. Robin Harris (Earth Science and Science Education)

Kori Grasha
Latin 2 Curriculum Frameworks: Using the ECCE Romani Text Series
Department: Multidisciplinary Studies
Adviser: Dr. Eliane McKee  (Modern and Classical Languages)