Academic Awards

2005 Award Winners

2005 Recipients of the Outstanding Master's Thesis

Sabrina E. Redwing Saunders
Native Perceptions of Curriculum: Embracing One Worldview of Native Curriculum
Department: Elementary Education
Adviser: Lori V. Quigley

Yanqing Wang
Analysis of the Role of HSP110 in the Development and Physiology of Caenorhabditis elegans
Department: Biology
Adviser: Gregory J. Wadsworth

Elizabeth Marie McLean
Title: Examining the Relationship between Individuals’ Creative Products and their Creativity Styles
Department: Creative Studies
Adviser: Gerard J. Puccio

2005 Recipients of the Outstanding Master's Project

Patrick C. Root
One Size Really doesn’t Fit All: Differentiated Instruction and Art Education at the Sixth-Grade Level
Department: Art Education
Adviser: Mary Wyrick

Donna M. Sylvester
Can Internet-Based Activities Be Successfully Incorporated into the Foreign Language Curriculum on a Regular Basis?
Department: Modern and Classical Languages
Adviser: Eliane McKee

Christopher W. Gosling
Challenges Facing High School Physics Students: An Annotated Synopsis of Peer-Reviewed Literature Addressing Curriculum Relevance and Gender
Department: Physics
Adviser: Dan L. MacIsaac