Academic Awards

2006 Award Winners

2006 Recipients of the Outstanding Master's Thesis

Troy Macri
Oil Price Shocks and the Natural Rate of Unemployment
Department: Economics and Finance
Graduated: spring 2005
Adviser: Dr. Victor Kasper (Economics)

Deborah Martin
A (Third) “Place in Which Something Has Occurred”: Conflict and Negotiation in Nadine Gordimer’s Fiction
Department: English
Graduated: spring 2005
Adviser: Dr. Aimable Twagilimana (English)

Suzanna Ramos
Cross-Cultural Studies of Implicit Theories of Creativity: A Comparative Analysis between the United States and the Main Ethnic Groups in Singapore
Department: Creative Studies
Graduated: summer 2005
Adviser: Dr. Gerard Puccio (Craetive Studies)

Christopher Riley
Relationships between Benthic Macroinvertebrate Indices and Water Quality Parameters for a Great Lakes Watershed
Department: Multidisciplinary Studies (Environmental Science)
Graduated: summer 2005
Adviser: Dr. Shreeram Inamdar (Great Lakes Center)

2006 Recipients of the Outstanding Master's Project

Teresa Eberhard
Decoding the Earth Science Reference Tables – Developing Graphic Literacy
Department: Earth Sciences and Science Education
Graduated: spring 2005
Adviser: Dr. Robin Harris (Earth Science and Science Education)

Victor Mirgorod
The Determinants of an Equity Prices Model
Department: Applied Economics
Graduated: summer 2005
Adviser: Dr. Victor Kasper (Economics)

Tina Schmatz
Educating Students with Special Needs in the Foreign Language Classroom
Department: Multidisciplinary Studies
Graduated: spring 2005
Principal Adviser: Dr. Eliane McKee (Modern and Classical Languages)