Academic Awards

2007 Award Winners

2007 Outstanding Master’s Thesis

Robin L. Foster
A Study of the Hellbender Salamander (Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis) In the Allegheny River Drainage of New York State: Examination of Population Trends, Assessment of Capture Methods, and Development of Genetic Techniques
Amy M. McMillan, Thesis Adviser (Biology)

Carol Marie Hammond 
Critically Negotiating the Visual: An Action Research Project Documenting the Creation of a New Curriculum that Emphasizes the Deconstruction of Visual Culture through the Exploration of Gender Stereotypes in the Media
Alice C. Pennisi, Thesis Adviser (Art Education)

David J. Shapiro-Zysk 
The Separation of Church and Twain: Deist Philosophy in the Writings of Mark Twain
Thomas J. Reigstad, Thesis Adviser (English)

2007 Outstanding Master’s Project

Penny Carlson-Palma 
Visual Culture Discussions in an Affective Environment: Changing the Pedagogical Approach and Course Content of a Sixth Grade Art Curriculum
Alice C. Pennisi, Project Adviser (Art Education)

Ashwini J. Kulkarni 
Reassessment of Valuation Ratios and Portfolio Returns
Theodore F. Byrley, Project Adviser (Economics and Finance)

Bonnie S. Rice 
Overcoming Students’ Science Misconceptions: Shedding Light on the Earth-Moon-Sun System
Barbara J. Smith, Project Adviser (Elementary Education and Reading)