Forms and Policies


Application Deadlines
  • May Degree Conferral - February 1
  • August Degree Conferral - June 1st (Februrary 1st if the student would like his/her name listed in the May Commencement Booklet)
  • December Degree Conferral - October 1st
Requirements for the award of a master's degree or certificate of advanced study:
    1. Completion of the Application for Graduation, submitted to the Graduate School by the date listed above.  Failure to apply by the deadline date may delay the granting of the degree and may result in the omission of the student's name from the commencement program.
    2. Completion of a minimum of 30 graduate-level credit hours.
    3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) in all graduate coursework.
    4. Completion of all coursework and degree requirements within the six year period immediately preceding the date of graduation.
    5. Completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours of 600- or 700-level coursework.
    6. Approved candidacy and completion of all coursework exactly as specified on the candidacy form. Changes in approved candidacy must be submitted in writing and approved by the adviser, department chair, and faculty dean.
    7. Receipt by the Graduate School of official transcript(s) of approved transfer credit as listed on the candidacy form. Transfer credit must meet all requirements as defined in the Graduate Catalog.
    8. Courses with a grade status of I, N, or X must be completed and appropriate grades submitted.
    9. All financial obligations to the college must be met, and all college property must be returned.Students who do not meet the requirements for graduation by the semester for which they applied must submit a new application for graduation, in accordance with established deadlines, for the semester in which the requirements will be completed.
    Common Deficiency Issues and Corrective Actions
    • Issue: No approved candidacy on file
      Action: File candidacy - see your adviser
    • Issue: Course(s) exceed 6-year time limit
      Action: See your advisor and complete appropriate "Graduate Student Approval for Waiver of Six-Year Time Limit" form for expired course(s)
    • Issue: You have an X, N, I grade
      Action: Complete coursework and/or talk with instructor to complete change of grade form
    • Issue: Not enough credits at the 600/700-level
      Action: See your adviser
    • Issue: No transcript on file for requested transfer credit
      Action: Submit transcript to the Graduate School
    • Issue: Completed a course not listed on your degree candidacy
      Action: Complete Change in Candidacy Application
    • Issue: Your cumulative G.P.A. is below 3.0
      Action: See your adviser
    • Issue: You have more than 6 credits each in workshops, conferences, or independent study
      Action: See your adviser and file academic appeal requesting a waiver of this requirement.

    Commencement is held once each year at the end of the spring semester in May. Students eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony are those who complete their degree requirements in December (previous), January (previous), May (current), or August (anticipated). Visit the Commencement website for more information.