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Graduate School Strategic Plan

2009–2014 Graduate School Strategic Plan

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Introduction: Vision Statement

The mission of the Graduate School is to support the overall mission of Buffalo State at the graduate level, including a commitment to access, transformative experiences, and high quality education.  The Graduate School seeks to make significant contributions to students’ professional and intellectual growth by providing a challenging and supportive environment that integrates advanced study and scholarship/research and that asks students to exert leadership in their chosen profession. 

Because of its commitment to access, the Graduate School:

  • Supports flexible admissions practices—offering students various ways to prove their ability to succeed and evaluating students through a comprehensive review process.
  • Promotes supportive advising throughout a student’s graduate education.
  • Promotes collegial practices toward students outside the major.
  • Promotes flexible scheduling, including the use of weekend, summer, distance, and hybrid courses.

To assure transformational experiences, the Graduate School:

  • Promotes the use of beginning/initial courses as immersion into graduate study and purposeful initiation into a graduate program.
  • Supports mentoring for sophisticated research and writing.
  • Promotes purposeful mentoring into professions or advanced course of study.
  • Supports capstone/culminating experiences that demonstrate significant accomplishment.

To maintain and improve quality, the Graduate School:

  • Supports unified/coherent programs of study.
  • Promotes the assessment of student learning and accomplishment.
  • Advocates for the recruiting, hiring, and ongoing professional development of qualified faculty who are committed to the goals of graduate education at Buffalo State College.
  • Promotes continual support of current quality programs that attract students to Buffalo State College. 
  • Promotes the development of new programs that will bring distinction and new populations of students to campus. The development of new programs is aided by collegial, cross-campus relationships, a nimble approval process, and support from administration, and the Graduate School is committed to advocating for all three.