Graduate Faculty

Requests for Funding

Buffalo State College graduate faculty may apply to the Graduate School for funding to present academic papers and to perform academic research.  In order to be eligible, faculty members need to make their request through their department chair and their academic dean.  To document that process, faculty members should attach the Routing Sheet for Funding Requests--Graduate Faculty (see below) to the materials and submit the packet to their department chair.  Department chairs will forward the packet to the academic dean who will forward it to the Graduate School.

Graduate faculty should include in their application the following:

  • A short projected budget and any documentation supporting the budget.
  • A travel authorization form.  See 
  •  A description of the ways in which the project connects to the faculty member’s contributions to graduate programs.
  • Dates of current graduate faculty appointment.
  • List of graduate classes taught in the past two years.
  • List of theses and/or projects for which faculty member has served as adviser or reader in past two years.
  • List of students for whom faculty member has written and read comprehensive exam questions in past two years.

Request for Funding Routing Sheet (PDF)