Academic Awards

2008 Award Winners

2008 Outstanding Master’s Thesis

Christopher T. Kokoszka
The Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907: The Events that led to its Successful Completion and How it was Received by the British Press
Andrew D. Nicholls, Thesis Adviser (History and Social Studies Education)

Stephanie E. Richards 
Assessing Cognitive Style Using a Problem Construction Task
John F. Cabra, Thesis Adviser (Center for Studies in Creativity)

2008 Outstanding Master’s Project

Lisa A. Lucente, Kim A. Parzymieso and Debra S. Pretorius 
Use of Self-Regulated Strategy to Assist with Essay Writing on State Assessment
Kevin Miller, Project Adviser (Exceptional Education)

Heidi D. SanGeorge 
Seeking Ways to Increase Middle School Students' Respect for the Visual Arts Using Action Research
Shirley Hayes, Project Adviser (Art Education)