Academic Awards

2010 Award Winners

2010 Outstanding Master’s Thesis

Nicola R. Matthews 
Poverty Through the Looking Glass: How Neoclassical Economics Veils the Nature of Poverty
Tae Hee Jo, Thesis Adviser (Applied Economics)

Salvatore T. Sedita
Tracing Shadows: The Africanist Presence in Hawthorne's The House of Seven Gables and Morrison's Jazz
Aimable Twagilimana, Thesis Adviser (English)

2010 Outstanding Master’s Project

Daniel L. Adamchick 
Development of Purpose-Built CNC Rolling Lathe for Production
John Earshen, Project Adviser (Industrial Technology)

Jennifer M. Breier 
Symptoms of Society: A Study of Issues Regarding the Incorporation of Female Artists in Art Curricula and Approaches to the Pedagogy of Gender Matters in Education
Alice Pennisi, Project Adviser (Art Education)

Stavros Michailidis 
Developing and Presenting the workshop "Make it Happen with Momentum"
Jon Michael Fox, Project Adviser (Center for Studies in Creativity)