Academic Awards

2012 Award Winners

2012 Outstanding Master’s Thesis

Caitlin M. Hogan-Lazar 
"One-Piece Suit": Gender as a Construction in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children
Barish Ali, Thesis Adviser (English)

Nicole L. Wagner
Leonardo's  Virgin of the Rocks: The History, the Mystery and the Museums' Considerations of the Two Paintings
Cynthia A. Conides, Thesis Adviser (History and Social Studies Education)

Sean M. Piatek 
The Feasability of Martian Colonization:  An Input-Output Analysis
Victor Kasper, Jr., Thesis Adviser (Economics and Finance)

2012 Outstanding Master’s Project

Robin L. Reczek
Qualitative Action Research on Teaching Diversity in a Non-Diverse High School Setting Using Contemporary Art
Shirley Hayes, Project Adviser (Art Education)

Luigi Palumbo 
International Fisher Effect:  An Analysis of European Monetary Union
Theodore F. Byrley, Project Adviser (Economics and Finance)

Joselyne L. Chenane 
Adaptation of African and non-African Refugees to Law Enforcement in Buffalo, New York
John H. Song, Project Adviser (Criminal Justice)