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Opening Ceremony

Overview: Day 2

Overview: Day 3 and closing

SUNY MEU Past & Future:  Interview with Kathleen Dowley


The State University of New York, Office of International Programs and SUNY campuses have been organizing and sponsoring  a Model European Union since 1988, which was the first intercollegiate Model EU in the United States.   See "How SUNYMEU began."   

The Model European Union is an adaptation of the popular Model Union (MUN), but differs in its conception, organization, roles, and outcomes.  The MUN is, by and large, a simulation for students of diplomacy and foreign affairs, while the Model EU (MEU) simulates some aspects of the institutional structures and decision-making processes of the European Union.  Much of the complexity of the MEU stems from the fact that it is, at a minimum, a rule-making governmental system. Most scholars, however, regard it as being more than this, though the terms they use to describe it vary. Some, for example, view it as a rather special type of international organisation (IO). Some emphasize that it has state-like properties. And some suggest it is a quasi-federal system.  SUNYMEU simulates a European Council summit.  SUNYMEU typically simulates the end of a six-month Presidency.

SUNYMEU is managed by a faculty director who is assisted by a student director and several student assistants.  The SUNYMEU Council, comprised of SUNYMEU faculty advisors, assist the director in developing the SUNYMEU program and the parallel faculty research conference.

All higher educational institutions are eligible to attend on a first-serve-first-come basis regardless of location or affiliation.  Several institutions from outside the SUNY system field delegations. For SUNYMEU 2010 we had just over 125 participants from all over the State University of New York system (New Paltz, Cortland, Fredonia, Buffalo State, Jamestown Community College), two private schools in the US (Ithaca College and Drake University), and 10 European universities (University of Limerick, National University of Ireland, Exeter University, Loughborough, Manchester Metropolitan in the UK, Vesalius College, Belgium, Izmir University, Turkey, American University of Bulgaria, Babes Bolyai, Romania, and Wildau University of Applied Sciences, Germany).

Purpose of SUNYMEU:

The overall purpose of SUNYMEU is to simulate a European Council summit.  The advance preparations and the simulation should give all participants a better understanding of the EU; of international and supranational organizations in general; of the EU Member states, their peoples, politics, and policies; and of major current issues of international relations.  Also, the simulation should provide the participants with opportunities to develop their skills and techniques at negotiation and conflict resolution, public speaking, debate, expository writing, logic and reasoning, small-group dynamics, leadership, and problem-solving. (See SUNY Guide to the Model European Union for a primer on the EU and guidelines for SUNYMEU.)

Host Campuses:

SUNYMEU has been hosted by SUNY Brockport (where it originated as "SUNYMEC"), SUNY Fredonia, and is currently hosted by SUNY New Paltz.  Since 1992, SUNYMEU has taken place in a EU candidate or member state each even year, including Belgium (University of Leuven), the Czech Republic (VSE University in Prague), Ireland (University of Limerick), Luxembourg,  the Netherlands (Tilburg University), and Turkey (Izmir University).   SUNYMEU returns to SUNY New Paltz in the spring of 2011.  Contact the SUNYMEU Director.  SUNYMEU has received financial support from several institutions and agencies, including the European Commission, D.C. Delegation, host SUNY campuses, the Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY, and the Office of International Programs, SUNY System Administration. 

To learn more about participating in our 2011 simulation (hosted by SUNY New Paltz, 14-16 April), visit the SUNYMEU informational page.  We are also on Facebook:  search groups for “SUNY Model European Union.”


SUNY Model EU 2009 Student delegates:  Natalie Annesi, SUNY New Paltz; Yolanda Rondon & Tim Walters, Buffalo State; and Kambize Pembele, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.