1. Completion of 30 credits that includes at least 15 credits of 600- and/or 700-level courses.

2. Two (2) required coursesSPF 689 Methods and Techniques of Educational Research in preparation for EDU 690 Master's Project. The Master’s project (three credits) is a research-based project on a topic of special interest to the student and must have prior approval by the instructor.

3. A maximum of 21 credits may be taken in Education (EDU) courses. The remaining credits should be from disciplines such as Educational Leadership (EDL), Educational Technologies (EDC), Creative Studies (CRS), Educational Foundations (SPF) or courses focusing on content area such as Social Studies, Math, Reading, Early Childhood, etc.

4. A maximum of 15 credits may be taken at another accredited institution. Please refer to the section Transfer Credit for additional information.

5. Coursework (including transfer credit) must be completed within the six-year period immediately preceding the date of completion of the degree.

6. A maximum of six (6) credits can be completed independently with prior approval from the Director of International Graduate Programs for Educators. Please refer to the section COMPLETING A COURSE INDEPENDENTLY for additional information.

7. A maximum total of six (6) credits of Workshop (EDU 594), Conference (EDU 596) and/or Special Topic (EDU 598) courses can be included in the program.

8. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale).

9. An Application for Degree Candidacy, approved by the student's principal advisor and advisory committee must be submitted to International Graduate Programs for Educators before the completion of 15 credits. Please refer to the section Application for Degree Candidacy for additional information.