You, as a graduate student, must assume full responsibility for knowledge of all of the deadlines, rules, regulations and requirements of the program as detailed in this document. Please make copies of all of your applications, documents, course registrations, etc. Students should check the program website for updated program details once a semester at Requirements and program details are subject to change, and students must be aware of current regulations.


Students are responsible for notifying International Graduate Programs for Educators of any official change of name, The formal name that is written on your Application for Admission will be the only name that will be recognized in the Buffalo State, SUNY system and by our office. All of your official records will be registered under that name unless you notify our office of a change in name. Our staff and the Buffalo State system do not recognize nicknames or different last names. It is important to use the same name on all of your forms including course registrations and all correspondence with our office. Likewise, please notify our office of any changes of your email address or mailing address so that information and other mailings can be properly directed.

 Graduate work is an extremely rewarding endeavor that demands rigorous scholarship, research, creativity, and professional competence. We welcome you to our vibrant community of scholars, teachers and researchers.  We know you will be pleased you chose Buffalo State for your graduate program.

We kindly ask you to review these Program Details for answers to your questions. For questions not answered in this document, please email the appropriate staff person as indicated in this document. By doing so, you will lessen the time you wait for a response. Additionally, as we all know, emails aren’t always received and we want to make sure you get answers to your questions as soon as possible. You can expect our staff to respond to your email within five U.S. business days, so please resend your email if you do not receive a response after five days.


Carolyn Brunner, Director                                        716-878-6832


Grace Vogt, Admissions                                          716-878-6832


Leah Loveless, Finance and PD                             716-878-6834


William F. Irene, Candidacy/Plan of Study                   716-878-3643


Cathy Molenda, Course registration/Graduation                   716-878-3811


Brandon Kawa, Plans of Study/Finance                      716-878-3643