There is no automatic transfer of credit toward a graduate degree. A maximum of 15 credit hours of transfer work at the graduate-level may be applied to the Multidisciplinary Degree program. Official transcripts for transfer credit must be sent directly to International Graduate Programs for Educators, by the institution granting the graduate credit, if the credit is earned after formal admission to the Graduate School, and as such was not included in your Application for Admission.


A. Transfer work earned at another accredited institution must:

1. be equitable to 500-, 600- or 700-level graduate semester courses. If the institution granting the credit uses the quarter system, credit hours will be converted to semester hours using the following equation:

    1 quarter hour

    = 2/3 (.66) semester hours

    2 quarter hours

    = 1-1/3 (1.33) semester hours

    3 quarter hours

    = 2 semester hours

2. be a coherent part of the required program of study and be approved by the student’s program advisory committee including the Dean of the Graduate School.

3. be completed within the six-year period immediately preceding the date of graduation.


B. Only grades of A or B are acceptable for transfer. Grades of S or P are not acceptable.


C. Coursework taken to fulfill degree requirements for one Master’s Degree or Certificate of Advanced Study may not be applied toward another Master’s Degree.


D. Students whose coursework is NOT from a U.S. or Canadian college or university must obtain a course-by-course evaluation from either Josef Silny and Associates or World Education Services, Inc. (contact information under Admission Requirements)                          


Decisions regarding the acceptance of credit for transfer will be made after official transcripts have been evaluated by the Dean of the Graduate School. Approved transfer credit is added to the student’s official record when the student’s approved degree candidacy application and/or official transcripts of transfer credit are approved by the Dean. Students should use the requirements listed above to determine if coursework will be accepted for their degree program prior to an official decision from the Dean. The International Graduate Programs staff is not able to make that determination for you. Students should contact the institution that granted the credits to verify that the credits granted by that institution meet the above requirements. 


CAUTION! Several universities offer extension, professional development and/or continuing education courses. Extension, professional development and/or continuing education credits cannot be transferred into the graduate degree program. Students should verify with the institution that offered the credit that the course(s) are not extension, professional development or continuing education credits.