Please contact Mr. William Irene, Associate Director,

with questions regarding Candidacy at


Please make copies of all of your submitted forms.  It is important to use the same name on APPLICATION FOR DEGREE CANDIDACY FORM that was on your Application for Admission as well as all course registrations.  The formal name that was written on your Application for Admission will be the only name that will be recognized in the SUNY, Buffalo State system, and by our office. All of your official records will be registered under that name.  If your name has changed please notify our office immediately.

Candidacy is a written agreement outlining the courses necessary to receive a degree. All students must complete an Application for Degree Candidacy before the completion of fifteen (15) credit hours at Buffalo State. The application lists the courses that the student will be taking to fulfill their requirements for their Master's degree. It also lists the courses the student is transferring into the program. The Application for Degree Candidacy, with additional details for its completion, will be sent to students at the time of acceptance into the program.


Students must submit completed Applications for Degree Candidacy to International Graduate Programs for Educators. The student’s principal advisor, advisory committee and Dean of the Graduate School must approve the degree candidacy. Applications are reviewed at one of two advisory committee meetings each semester. Students will be notified by email if their application is incomplete or requires any additional documentation.


Students will be notified by email when their Application for Degree Candidacy has been approved. Failure to develop an approved program and be admitted to degree candidacy, before the completion of 15 graduate-level credit hours, will restrict further registration.

 IMPORTANT! It is a student’s responsibilityto list the correct SUNY, Buffalo State course numbers and titles on the Application for Degree Candidacy. Please keep copies of your course registration forms for course numbers and course titles. Numbers and titles also can be found on student transcripts and on the SUNY, Buffalo State website at: