Please make copies of all of your submitted forms.  It is important to use the same name on your course registration forms that was used on your Graduate Admission Application. If your name has changed please notify our office immediately.

Students need to complete a Graduate Course Registration form for each Buffalo State course including the final three-credit Master’s Project.  The course registration form should be completed on the first day of the course. The Site Coordinator must return the completed registration forms along with the programmatic course fee of $18 per student. Students will be registered for a course when we receive the completed registration form with the programmatic course fee, payment as invoiced by our office to your school for tuition and airfare if applicable, and payment to the professor.


Credits and grades for courses are recorded at the end of each semester.  Approximate end of semester dates are December 10th for the fall semester, May 10th for the spring semester, and August 10th for the summer semester. The exact end of semester dates can be found on the Buffalo State website at  Please make certain to complete all sections on every registration form, even if you have participated in previous courses.  A complete registration form eliminates the chance of error in duplicate name instances.  After completing registration forms, remember to keep a copy for your records.



 Students will be registered for a course when our office receives:

  •  payment as invoiced by our office to your school for tuition and airfare if applicable,
  •  completed course registration forms with the programmatic course fees, and
  • payment is made to the professor.

Please let us know at any time if you have questions or concerns, and we will be sure to respond promptly.