Students are required to attend all sessions with no exceptions due to the compressed time schedule of courses and in accordance with SUNY, Buffalo State policy. Professors cannot give extra assignments or make any provisions for students who are not able to attend all of the sessions. Thus, if a student has to miss any part of the course sessions, the student cannot complete the course for credit as attendance at all sessions is required.


We understand that a student may have special circumstances that prevent course participation. When a student has a special circumstance and cannot complete a course, our staff will put together a plan for the student to complete their program after the completion of the final on site course. Frequently the school decides to continue offering the program and the student just continues with course(s) at the school site. If the school doesn’t continue offering our program, students have the option to complete coursework at other sites, take courses through the Teachers’ Training Center (TTC) and/or Principals’ Training Center (PTC) in the summers or complete courses independently.