A student can complete a course independently with the written permission of his/her School Director. The student must discuss the special circumstance with the School Director or his/her designee. The student needs to ask their administrator to send the Program Director, Carolyn Brunner, an email explaining the student’s “special circumstance” for not attending a course. A “special circumstance” would include illness, childbirth, death in the family, attendance at a school-sponsored event such as a field trip, etc.


The approval to complete courses independently because of “special circumstances” is in the best interest of the school and fellow students in the program. The school and/or the students in the cohort have to pay for the costs for each course. When a student doesn’t take the course as scheduled with the cohort, the rest of the students and school still have to pay the total cost of the course with one less person to help with that total cost. Requests to complete a course independently must be made after a student has an approved plan of study.


 Please refer to the section COMPLETING A COURSE INDEPENDENTLY for additional information