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Herdlein Wins SUNY Award

Receives SUNY Chancellor's Award for Internationalization [more…]

Interior Design Students Tackle Terminal Project

Rebecca Geraghty, lecturer, interior design program, involves students in service learning [more…]

Small Business Is Big Business

Buffalo State's Small Business Development Center [more…]

Art Conservation Department Wins Grants to Continue Excellence

Three major grants to improve equipment, support visiting faculty, provide scholarships [more…]


Subodh Kumar, senior scientist and adjunct research professor, and Harish Sikka, research director, Great Lakes Center, along with their associates, published two papers: "Metabolism of Phenanthrene by Brown Bullhead Liver Microsomes" in Aquatic Toxicology (September 2003, vol. 71), and "Metabolism of the Polynuclear Sulfur Heterocycle Benzo[b]phenanthro[2,3-d]thiophene by Rodent Liver Microsomes: Evidence for Multiple Pathways in the Bioactivation of Benzo[b]phenanthro[2,3-d]thiophene" in Chemical Research in Toxicology (December 2003, vol. 64).

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FEBRUARY 2004/VOL. 02, NO. 4


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Sam Lunetta, Lieutenant, University Police

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SUNY Systemwide Assessment


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Hideki Muneyoshi, Class of 2004; M.S., Creative Studies


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