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Woods-Beals Endowed Chair Appointed


Paul Theobald

Paul Theobald, Ph.D., has been named the Woods-Beals Endowed Chair in Urban and Rural Education. The endowed chair is affiliated with the college's Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education (CEURE).

An accomplished educator who began his career teaching in the Minnesota public school system, Theobald is a renowned researcher in the history and philosophy of education. His body of work includes numerous articles and three books, including the critically acclaimed Teaching the Commons: Place, Pride, and the Renewal of Community.

Theobald was dean of the School of Education and Counseling at Nebraska's Wayne State College before moving to Buffalo. He holds a doctorate in educational policy studies from the University of Illinois and a master's degree in history from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Theobald's primary goals as endowed chair are to bring greater visibility to the issues of education, and to bring the intellectual capital of the institution to bear on the local and national debate about education and the teaching profession. As a professor in the Elementary Education and Reading Department, he also will be involved with teaching and curriculum development.

Buffalo State received a $1 million gift from Eleanore Woods Beals and her husband, Vaughn Beals, of Arizona, establishing the first endowed chair for the institution. Woods Beals is a 1950 graduate of Buffalo State and a former teacher. Her husband is the former chair of Harley-Davidson Inc.

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