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Woods-Beals Endowed Chair Appointed

First Endowed Chair in College's History [more…]

Director of Art Conservation Named

Shapiro Peña Succeeds F. Christopher Tahk [more…]

Athletics Highlights

2003-2004 Individual and Team Achievements [more…]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Throw!

High School Students Compete in Clay Olympics [more…]

New York Collects

Only Windows Draws More Visitors [more…]

New York Collects

Closed for the Season II by Rita Argen Auerbach

New York Collects Buffalo State has drawn a steady stream of visitors since its July 9 opening at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center. "Public response has been overwhelmingly positive," said Nancy Weekly, the museum's head of collections and Charles Cary Rumsey curator.

New York Collects had the most successful opening night in the Burchfield-Penney's history, with more than 1,800 guests over a five-hour period. Attendance has remained strong; the exhibit has attracted more visitors than any other summer show since Frank Lloyd Wright: Windows of the Darwin D. Martin House in 1999. New York Collects runs through October 3.

Assistant professor of art education Diane Koeppel and 14 art education graduate students curated the exhibit, with Joan Vita Marotta assisting as a curatorial consultant. The exhibit presents work created by former Buffalo State students and collected by museums, galleries, and private art enthusiasts throughout the state.

"This exhibit shows that Buffalo State has had a major impact on the art world," said Emile C. Netzhammer III, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. "One college can be very important in influencing our culture."

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