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Woods-Beals Endowed Chair Appointed

First Endowed Chair in College's History [more…]

Director of Art Conservation Named

Shapiro Peña Succeeds F. Christopher Tahk [more…]

Athletics Highlights

2003-2004 Individual and Team Achievements [more…]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Throw!

High School Students Compete in Clay Olympics [more…]

New York Collects

Only Windows Draws More Visitors [more…]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Throw!

BUFFALO STATE'S CERAMIC DESIGN PROGRAM hosted the sixth annual Western New York Clay Olympics on May 19. This year's competition involved four Buffalo State alumni who teach art in local high schools--Matt SaGurney from Kenmore East, Ann Perry-Smith from Lancaster, Brett Coppins from Lewiston-Porter, and Scott Losi from Pioneer--and their students.

Some 35 student contestants, working individually and in teams, competed in timed events using clay and various clay-forming methods. A daylong exhibition in Upton Gallery showcased the artwork of students from the four participating schools. The event was sponsored by the Sylvia L. Rosen Endowment of the Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Sheffield Pottery, Lewiston-Porter High School, and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Buffalo State and was coordinated by Coppins and Robert Wood, professor of design.

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