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Student Personnel Administration (SPA) program presents awards [more…]


Christopher Aviles, associate professor, Social Work, conducted four employee workshops in November and December: "Team Building Using the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory" for Medaille … [more…]

Charles Bachman, professor, English, is a storyteller who frequently presents traditional Native American stories (Iroquois, Ojibwa, Sioux, and Blackfoot) to students of all … [more…]

Bruce Baum, professor, Exceptional Education, delivered two keynote presentations: "Humor, Laughter, and Magic: The Special Ingredients of Creativity" at the eighth annual International … [more…]

Odyssey Series: VI, a woven tapestry by Nancy Belfer, professor emeritus, Design, was selected for an exhibition by American artists at the American … [more…]

Lisa Berglund, assistant professor, English, published her article "'Look, My Lord, It Comes': The Approach of Death in the Life of Johnson" in … [more…]

Nancy Chicola, associate professor, Elementary Education and Reading, presented the workshop "Creating Caring Citizens: Feeling History through the Trade Book Connection" at the … [more…]

Michael DeMarco, professor, and Dermot Coffey, assistant professor, Physics, published their research paper "Ru99 Mossbauer Effect Measurements in Superconducting and Magnetic RuSr2GdCu2O8" in … [more…]

Martin Ederer, lecturer, History and Social Studies Education, presented the slide show "Buffalo's Masterpieces of Catholic Architecture" for the Adult Enrichment Program at … [more…]

William Ganley, professor, Economics and Finance, presented two papers at the American Economic Association's annual meeting, part of the Allied Social Science Associations' … [more…]

Lee Ann Grace, director, International Education; Howard Henry, lecturer, Health and Wellness; and the directors of international education from Fredonia State and Canisius … [more…]

William Grieshober, adviser, Small Business Development Center, presented a strategic planning retreat for the Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development staff in East … [more…]

Janet Kaye, J.D., assistant professor, Communication, gave an invited presentation on how to write editorials, reviews, and commentary and related legal issues at … [more…]

Diane Koeppel, assistant professor, Art Education, delivered a presentation during a K-12 teacher-training session on campus January 15. The session explored educational uses … [more…]

Dan Kushel, distinguished teaching professor, Art Conservation, is participating in curriculum revision conferences and is an adjunct faculty member for the Mellon Advanced … [more…]

Michael MacLean, assistant professor, Psychology, coauthored the article "Personal Goals As Predictors of College Student Drinking Motives, Alcohol Use, and Related Problems," published … [more…]

James Maxwell, associate professor, Business, presented three papers at the North American Management Society's national annual conference, "New Realities and New Challenges," in … [more…]

Terence McDonald, co-director of the college's program for the application of drama to education and technology, will host a Tuesday-night film seminar at … [more…]

Eileen Merberg, director, Orientation and First-Year Programs, accepted the top award for "Outstanding Use of Theme" in orientation publications at the National Orientation … [more…]

Jill Norvilitis, assistant professor, Psychology, and Phillip Santa Maria, associate vice president and dean of students, published their article, "Credit Card Debt on … [more…]

Stephen Phelps, professor, Elementary Education and Reading, recently published an encyclopedia entry on "Writing across the Curriculum." The entry is included in the … [more…]

Scott Roberts, professor, Health and Wellness, published Wellness for Life, his fifth textbook on health promotion (Eddie Bowers Publishing, 2002). … [more…]

Two works by Stephen Saracino, professor, Design, are on view at the Stephen F. Austin State University's Griffith Gallery in Nacogdoches, Texas, January … [more…]

Wanda Slawinska, senior assistant librarian, E.H. Butler Library, gave a slide-illustrated lecture, "Dr. Francis E. Fronczak, Champion of Poland," to the Polish Veterans, … [more…]

Gary Solar, assistant professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education, coauthored the paper "Low-Pressure Subsolidus and Suprasolidus Phase Equilibria in the MnKCKFMASH System: Constraints … [more…]

Christopher Tahk, director and distinguished service professor, Art Conservation, was among 16 leaders in his field invited to participate in the Directors' Retreat … [more…]

John Thompson, assistant professor, Computer Information Systems, reviewed applications for New York State Learning Technology Grants in November. He also presented the keynote … [more…]

Patchwork Bowl, a ceramic piece by Carol Townsend, chair and assistant professor, Design, was chosen by juror John Britt to be among the … [more…]

Stephen Vermette, associate professor, Geography and Planning, was elected co-coordinator of the New York Geographic Alliance, which promotes geography education statewide. … [more…]

David Wegenast, professor, Social Work, conducted the workshop "Using Classroom Performance Tools to Enhance Student Participation and Learning" at the National Staff Development … [more…]

Kathlyn Wiggins-Jones, lecturer, Educational Foundations, completed phase three of a four-part longitudinal study of high school students' comfort level with student diversity. The … [more…]

Michael Woodruff, assistant director, Financial Aid, presented the session "Financing Graduate School" at the sixth annual Minority Student Graduate School Awareness Conference at … [more…]

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