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Herdlein Wins SUNY Award

Receives SUNY Chancellor's Award for Internationalization [more…]

Interior Design Students Tackle Terminal Project

Rebecca Geraghty, lecturer, interior design program, involves students in service learning [more…]

Small Business Is Big Business

Buffalo State's Small Business Development Center [more…]

Art Conservation Department Wins Grants to Continue Excellence

Three major grants to improve equipment, support visiting faculty, provide scholarships [more…]


Catherine Ansuini, chair and associate professor, and Howard Henry, lecturer, Health and Wellness; and Lee Ann Grace, director, International Education, were selected by … [more…]

Christopher Aviles, associate professor, Social Work, conducted the colloquium "Understanding Personality Differences Using the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory" for students in the National Science … [more…]

Kimberly Bagley, associate professor, Chemistry, coauthored the paper "Infrared Studies of Carbon Monoxide Binding to Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase/Acetyl-CoA Synthase from Moorella Thermoacetica," published … [more…]

Barbara Bontempo, professor, English, conducted professional development sessions for Buffalo Public Schools English teachers on "Parent Involvement and the New York State English … [more…]

The Center for Economic Education, co-directed by Frederick Floss, professor, and Ted Schmidt, chair and associate professor, Economics and Finance, is sponsoring a … [more…]

Nancy Chicola, associate professor, Elementary Education and Reading, presented the workshop "Creating Caring Communities: Making Differences through Books and the Arts" at the … [more…]

Marian Deutschman, professor, Communication, presented her research project "An Ethnographic Study of Nursing Home Culture to Define Organizational Realities of Culture Change" at … [more…]

Andrew Dutcher, database manager, International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC), participated in the grand opening of the Creativity and Innovation Resources Centre … [more…]

Martin Ederer, lecturer, History and Social Studies Education, published two books: Buffalo's Catholic Churches: Ethnic Communities and the Architectural Legacy (digital@batesjackson llc, 2003), … [more…]

Marianne Ferguson, professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, was nominated by the Teaching and Learning Committee of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) in … [more…]

Steven Gittler, professor emeritus, Elementary Education and Reading, and attorney-at-law, was selected for inclusion in Who's Who in America 2004 (58th edition). In … [more…]

Jean Gounard, director, International Student Affairs, was selected by Jacques Chirac, president of France, as a knight (chevalier) in the National Order of … [more…]

William Grieshober, adviser, Small Business Development Center, presented a seminar on "Creative Problem Solving for Auditors" for the Institute of Internal Auditors in … [more…]

Keith Henderson, professor, Political Science, published a chapter in Governing New York State, fifth edition (State University of New York Press, 2004). He … [more…]

Sculptural works by Carrianne Hendrickson, lecturer, Design, appear in three national invitational exhibitions. At the Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery at the University … [more…]

Warren Hoffman, assistant director, Financial Aid, was elected to a two-year term as vice president of the State University of New York Financial … [more…]

Yanick Jenkins, director, Educational Opportunity Program, served as translator for a 12-person medical team traveling to Haiti to examine and treat an estimated … [more…]

Michael Johnson, associate professor, Modern and Classical Languages, presented his paper "Things Which the Angels Desire to Look Into" at the 14th conference … [more…]

Melaine Kenyon, electronic learning specialist, Electronic Learning Office, presented "Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Web-Based Videoconferencing for Online and Hybrid Courses" at the … [more…]

Subodh Kumar, senior scientist and adjunct research professor, and Harish Sikka, research director, Great Lakes Center, along with their associates, published two papers: … [more…]

Ronnie Mahler, associate professor, and Deborah Renzi, assistant professor and coordinator of field education, Social Work, presented "Efforts to Validate a Quantitative and … [more…]

James Maxwell, associate professor, Business, presented his manuscript "Work System Design to Improve Economic Performance of the Firm" to the North American Management … [more…]

Four assemblages by Gerald Mead, curator of education and outreach, Burchfield-Penney Art Center, were selected for The Luminous Image VI, an exhibition of … [more…]

Marsha Moses, assistant to the dean, and Maureen Lougen, keyboard specialist 1, Graduate Studies and Research, presented the benefit concert "Give Us the … [more…]

Susan Mary Paige, lecturer, Exceptional Education, presented "Autonomy in the Preservice Teacher: A Retention Factor in Special Education" at the national conference of … [more…]

Carol Logan Patitu, associate professor, Educational Foundations, was elected to a two-year term as president of the Western New York/Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of … [more…]

Richard Podemski, dean, Graduate Studies and Research, was elected to a two-year term as chair of the Great Lakes Research Consortium in November. … [more…]

Elaine Polvinen, associate professor, Technology, published two articles: "West Meets East: Collaborating across Continents" in Surface Design journal (fall 2003), which highlights the … [more…]

Kevin Railey, chair and professor, English, published his article "Biographical Criticism: Shaping Faulkner's Life Story" in A Companion to Faulkner Studies (Garland Press, … [more…]

Jörg Schnier, assistant professor, Design, published his paper entitled "Precision Work: An Argument Supporting the Necessary Radicalism of the Well-Founded Critical Judgment" in … [more…]

Lucy Schwartz, chair and professor, Modern and Classical Languages, participated in "The Work of Women Chairs: A Roundtable" at the Modern Language Association's … [more…]

Karl Shallowhorn, coordinator, Transfer Student Services, was elected chair of the New York State Transfer and Articulation Association Western New York Region. … [more…]

Joanne Sloan, director of the annual fund, and Carolyn Morris-Hunt, director of corporate and foundation relations, Institutional Advancement and Development, were granted three-year … [more…]

Coralee Smith, associate professor, Elementary Education and Reading, was one of 50 people nationwide appointed to the National Science Teachers Association Recommends reviewer … [more…]

Gary Solar, assistant professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education, led a group of 10 students on a field excursion to examine hot-spot shield … [more…]

John Song, professor and chair, Criminal Justice, presented two papers on Vietnamese and Latinos' adaptation to the police in Orange County, California, at … [more…]

Relativity by Carol Townsend, chair and associate professor, Design, is one of more than 90 works in an exhibition on view at the … [more…]

Aimable Twagilimana, associate professor, English, published the chapter "Regeneration through Neo-Hoodooism: Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down and Ishmael Reed's Mythogenesis" in a casebook on … [more…]

Nancy Weekly, head of collections and the Charles Cary Rumsey curator, Burchfield-Penney Art Center, gave the lecture and slide presentation "Celebrating Women Artists … [more…]

David Wegenast, professor, Social Work, conducted the in-service workshop "Criterion Referenced Evaluation Using Interactive Technology to Improve Student Performance on NYS Educational Standards" … [more…]

Michael Woodruff, associate director, Financial Aid, was elected to the board of the Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network on September 24. … [more…]

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FEBRUARY 2004/VOL. 02, NO. 4


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