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SABRE Rollout Set to Begin


If you visit the SABRE Project Web site you'll notice the countdown is on. A timer tirelessly relays the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds till April 21, the anticipated launch date for the online registration component of the SABRE Student System. An announcement confirming the official launch will be made March 17.

The SABRE Student System, a Web-based application that combines student admissions, aid, billing, registration, and enrollment management capabilities, is being implemented in five phases spanning 11 months. Phase one?registration?is scheduled to kick off in April, allowing students to register online for summer and fall 2003 courses. Complete product implementation concludes March 2004.

Convenience Begins Now

The college's move to a Web-based registration system will provide faculty, staff, and students with a variety of timesaving conveniences, including greatly expanded remote access to student schedules, and the ability to process special-permission requests and register for classes online.

The SABRE project team, led by Sharon Cramer, professor of exceptional education, believes that implementation of online registration is just the first step in the exciting new direction the campus is headed.

"For us as a campus, the timing is right to use technology in ways that have become second nature to many of our students. The ability to ask questions, get answers, and do things online is something our students, faculty, and staff have already incorporated into many aspects of their lives at Buffalo State?online access to library resources, distance education, and classes taught using Blackboard. SABRE helps the Enrollment Management units be a part of this self-service trend," said Cramer.

Capitalizing on Campus Know-How

Comprising 12 full- and six part-time staff members with more than 250 years of combined campus experience in graduate and undergraduate admissions, enrollment management, financial aid, registration, and student accounts, the SABRE team is dedicated to providing training and support to the campus.

The team regularly provides extensive training and information-sharing opportunities to faculty and staff. In addition, the team is establishing a comprehensive faculty and staff support system that includes e-mail and telephone assistance, in-person resource centers, and online documentation.

Celebrating the Transition

Providing strong transition leadership as the campus embarks on implementation has been a priority for the SABRE team. Invested in engaging faculty and staff in the process, the team has worked with a variety of campus constituencies to provide faculty and staff with special transition-focused programs.

In January, Chris Edgelow of William Bridges and Associates presented four seminars on change and transition to Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) members. These sessions were funded by a New York State and CSEA agency workforce development grant. Edgelow also met with more than 65 campus leaders in a January 8 session funded by the Oracle Corporation.

"The opportunity to think with others on campus about the transition experience has been stimulating. We've gained insights not only about the role the SABRE implementation will play in our strategic direction but about how each of us can personally prepare for the changes ahead," said Cramer.

And the leadership continues. Faculty and professional staff will be invited to similar sessions funded by Oracle during the spring 2003 semester. A series of CSEA transition activities, also underwritten by the CSEA grant, will continue throughout the spring.


Sabre: www.buffalostate.edu/offices/sabre/

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Plugged In
SABRE Rollout Set to Begin


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