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Woods-Beals Endowed Chair Appointed

First Endowed Chair in College's History [more…]

Director of Art Conservation Named

Shapiro Peña Succeeds F. Christopher Tahk [more…]

Athletics Highlights

2003-2004 Individual and Team Achievements [more…]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Throw!

High School Students Compete in Clay Olympics [more…]

New York Collects

Only Windows Draws More Visitors [more…]

Plugged In

New College Web Site; Daily E-mail


Daily E-mail Connects Campus in a New Way

A new electronic publication, the Daily, was launched in August. The e-mail newsletter, created by faculty and staff for faculty and staff, is distributed at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday when the college is open.

The Daily provides a timely, centralized source of information that should be shared with the campus. All faculty and staff may submit items for the Daily through a simple online form. Regular participation is invited, as the Daily, which also includes campus event information and links to college headlines, is otherwise entirely driven by faculty and staff submissions.

Please see the Daily guidelines for a complete list of submission guidelines and more information.

New College Web Site Debuts

Buffalo State's new Web site, launched this month, combines streamlined navigation, an airier look and feel, and increased functionality. Illustrating the college's dedication to students, the latest redesign includes even more direct links to top campus resources, including SABRE, student e-mail, E. H. Butler Library, and Degree Navigator.

Other planned special features include the "Degree-O-Matic" (a tool that helps prospective undergraduates match majors and minors with possible careers), an expanded academic calendar, an enhanced "find people" search, an upgraded site search, and an extensive Buffalo city guide. A faculty/staff bulletin board system, online journals for students, and weather reports from the Great Lakes Center are slated to go live later this fall.

The new site redesign was based on a series of faculty and staff Web roundtables held during the spring semester, as well as webmaster mail and other user feedback. The new site is housed within the college's content management system, which rolled out with academic department and office templates in March.

Short introductions to the new site are being held in Cyberquad through the fall semester. Register online at CyberQuad registration. Send questions about the new site to meehanme@buffalostate.edu.

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SEPTEMBER 2004/VOL. 03, NO. 1


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From the Head Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

Plugged In
New College Web Site; Daily E-mail


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