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Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design at Buffalo State

Interior design is a four-year professional-level program which fosters a comprehensive approach to commercial and residential space arrangement. Interior design graduates are prepared for careers in independent practice and employment in interior design and architectural firms, institutions, corporations, and other settings. Interior design faculty and students share their experience with the program in this two-minute video.

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Video Transcript

Rebecca Geraghety, Assistant Professor, Interior Design

"Interior Design is the design of the volume that people inhabit. Buffalo State offers so much. We have great students. We have great faculty. We have a fantastic library. We have the most recent CAD programs and graphic design programs for our computers. We teach them a lot of real world skills, coupled with a lot of theoretical and critical thinking."

Jörg Schnier, Assistant Professor, Interior Design

"What the students are learning in our program is to make decisions. We give them the tools to assess a situation. We give them the knowledge to make an educated decision about interior design."

Terry Postero, Chair and Associate Professor, Interior Design

"Our team has a wide diversity of experience. Jörg Schnier is an interior designer and architect from Bavaria. And he brings the world to our students. Rebecca has a M.B.A. and also is a registered architect. She puts the business into interior design."

Julia Chang, B.F.A. '06

"The Interior Design Department requires me to fulfill an internship. It really builds students experience to go and look for a job and career even before they graduate."

Rebecca Geraghety, Assistant Professor, Interior Design

"The only way I have found to successfully teach students how to have client interaction is to have client interaction. I have them experience for themselves through different client meetings and community projects that we set up."

Jörg Schnier, Assistant Professor, Interior Design

"Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) accreditation is a very valuable outside assessment of what we do. So getting the CIDA recommendation is an honor and it's a label of quality. If you go out as a student and say to your employer, I've been through a CIDA accredited program, you have a better chance of getting a decent job."

Tamara Clayton, B.F.A. '07

"I can say confidently that when I graduate I'll have a really good foundation for a lifetime of learning in the field of interior design."

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