Purpose of the Internal Control Program

The New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act (Act), Chapter 510 of the Laws of 1999, requires that all state agencies institute a formal internal control program.  This system of internal controls is designed to assure that the State University of New York and its campuses meet their mission, promote performance leading to effective accomplishment of objectives and goals, safeguard assets, check the accuracy and reliability of financial and other key data, promote organizational efficiency and economy, and encourage adherence to applicable laws, regulations and prescribed managerial policies and practices.

Buffalo State is committed to a continuing program of internal controls review, assessment, communication and training.  Internal controls involve much more than just financial transactions.  Internal controls guide the way an organization does business and good internal controls will help the organization achieve its mission while minimizing risk and expense. 

Please learn more about Buffalo State's Internal Control Program and its significance to the campus community by exploring this web site and the resources it provides.

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