The Office of International Student Affairs is delighted to help and serve you as you enter the exciting world of being an international student/scholar at Buffalo State. We serve more than 300 international students/scholars each year and assist students to make a successful transition to Buffalo State and the United States.

We assist you with immigration obligations in meeting governmental laws and serve as a liaison to appropriate international agencies.

The Office of International Student Affairs offers a special International Student Orientation at the start of each semester to address the unique needs of international students.This orientation includes academic screening, testing, and placement of international students/scholars in the areas of Mathematics and English. Officials from Buffalo State, the Department of Homeland Security, and HSBC Bank participate in this program. You also will be introduced to international Buffalo State students who are specially trained to welcome and assist you.

The Office of International Student Affairs distributes numerous publications, including Information for New Students Form Abroad, a Directory of Faculty and Staff with International Qualifications, a Guide to Business and Attractions in Western New York, an International Student Guide, and an annual Newsletter International.

The Office of International Student Affairs coordinates the American Host Family and International Friendship programs, pairing international students/scholars with American families and college students. It coordinates a Global Perspectives Program in the Western New York community and the college’s International Alumni Program. The office organizes international cultural events, seminars, workshops and conferences throughout the year on campus in general and in the Global Living Center in particular. It also coordinates the International Student Advisory Council and supports the International Student Reading area in the E. H. Butler Library.

You are welcome to view the following video, "Embracing Buffalo State's International Community"


International Student Affairs
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