Visa Overstay

Visa Overstay occurs in the following situations:

  • A student has failed to complete a program of study and has allowed his/her I-20 to expire.
  • A student interrupts/ceases a program of study and fails to depart the U.S. immediately (break periods and summer vacation are not considered to be an interruption of studies).
  • A student has allowed the 60-day grace period to expire without having received a new I-20 to begin a new program of study or having submitted an application to DHS for Optional Practical Training or a change of visa status.

Consequences of Visa Overstay

  • Student is considered to have Violated Legal Status
  • The F-1 entry visa stamp is automatically void
  • All future U.S. entry visa applications must be made in the individual's home country
  • It may be extremely difficult to obtain future entry visas to enter the U.S.