Violation of Legal Status

Violation of F-1 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) visa regulations results in the loss of legal status in the U.S. Consequences include, but are not limited to:

  • ineligibility to work on the campus
  • ineligibility to apply for or pursue curricular or optional practical training
  • ineligibility to apply for or pursue off-campus work permission
  • ineligibility to receive a new I-20 to attend a new school
  • ineligibility to apply to DHS for a change of visa status

Regaining F-1 Legal Status

It is important that students discuss legal status issues with the Office of International Student Affairs. There are two ways in which a student may be able to regain legal F-1 status:

  • Reinstatement of Legal Status Application to DHS
  • Reentry into the U.S. with a new "initial admit" I-20

Students who are Reinstated by DHS or who reenter with an "initial admit" I-20, will be required to enroll as a full-time student for at least 9 months before becoming eligible to apply for off-campus work permission and/or curricular or optional practical training.