On Campus Employment

DHS Definition (8CFRS 214.2(f)(9)(i))

On-campus employment must either be performed on the school's premises (including on-location commercial firms that provide services for students on campus, (such as the school bookstore or cafeteria), or at an off-campus location which is educationally affiliated with the school. Employment with on-site commercial firms such as a construction company building a school building that does not provide direct student services, is not deemed on-campus employment. In the case of off-campus locations, the educational affiliation must be associated with the school's established curriculum or related to contractually funded research projects at the post-graduate level. In any event, the employment must be an integral part of the student's educational program.


International students attending Buffalo State College who meet student employment eligibility criteria are automatically authorized to work on campus (part-time during school, full-time during break). This work authorization ends on the day a student graduates. Please meet with the Office of International Student Affairs to discuss and secure proper work authorization before continuing your on-campus employment after graduation. This includes your graduate assistantship.

Job Titles

  • The Career Development Center has postings of on-campus positions (i.e., data entry, clerical, grounds maintenance, food service, etc.).
  • Student and non-student titles are acceptable employment.

Off-campus Locations

  • Non-university employers that are considered to be on-campus employment are CDHS, Research Foundation, etc.
  • Make an appointment with the Office of International Student Affairs for a letter of approval if you intend to work at an off-campus location that is defined as on-campus.

Eligibility to Work On-Campus

  • Students in possession of an I-20, issued by Buffalo State are eligible to work on the Buffalo State campus.
  • Students transferring to Buffalo State to begin a program of study must have their I-20 processed for transfer at the Office of International Student Affairs to be eligible for employment - this includes students who have been awarded an assistantship.
  • F-1 students who enroll at the Buffalo State but who are on another school's I-20 program are not eligible to work on the Buffalo State campus unless: (a) they have off campus work permission or optional practical training authorized by DHS or (b) they have curricular practical training to work at the college authorized by the Office of International Student Affairs.

Limits of Employment

  • On-campus employment is limited to a total of 20 hours per week while school is in session and up to full-time during semester breaks and the summer vacation period.
  • Students holding employment in more than one department at Buffalo State College should inform their employers of the other position(s).
  • Students who work more than 20/hrs/week while school is in session will be unable to receive salary for the additional hours worked.