Off-Campus Employment

As an international student/scholar, you MUST have an off campus work permit before working off campus. This DHS rule applies year round (including summer) and nationwide (anywhere within the U.S.). Please meet with the Office of International Student Affairs before you accept any off-campus job, regardless which state you will be working in.

Off-campus employment requires work authorization. This includes:

  • Required, paid internships off the campus including 'summer internship'
  • Receiving a benefit in exchange for services rendered (i.e., free room/board for babysitting or free rent for being a caretaker of an apartment building).

Off-campus employment is available under the following types of authorization:


  • F-1 students must have been in legal status and enrolled full time for at least one full academic year before becoming eligible to apply for the above-listed types of work authorization.
  • Exception to this rule applies to graduate students who are in a program of study that requires a paid internship during the academic year of their program (see Curricular Practical Training).