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International Orientation covers a three-day comprehensive program to address the unique needs of international students and scholars, many of whom are in the United States for the first time. This orientation includes academic screening, testing and placement of international students/scholars in the areas of Math and English. International students/scholars are addressed by deans of different faculties and the President of the college. Officials from the Department of Homeland Security also talk to the internationals and try to solve any problems they may have. The International Student Affairs Office selects and trains qualified and experienced international students/scholars to assist in the acclimation of new international students/scholars.

American Host Family Program

The Office of International Student Affairs sponsors an American Host Family Program. More than 100 families from the community participate in this program, which allows the internationals to be invited for a meal, for a drive or to spend the day with an American family. No home stay is involved and the families are all volunteers. This program is indeed proof of a commitment of the college to the community.

The Global Perspective Program

This program enables Buffalo State’s international students/scholars as well as staff and faculty to be guest speakers/demonstrators in area high schools. It gives American students the opportunity to learn more about the world through our internationals as well as provide the internationals a chance to share their native beliefs and traditions. They can share their views on history, geography, culture, religion, sports, politics and other facets of life in their respective countries. These presentations enhance student growth, involvement and cultural awareness.

The International Student Advisory Council - ISAC

 The International Student Advisory Council is composed of faculty, staff, international students and American students. This body makes recommendations to the Office of International Student Affairs for programs and activities to better serve the international students at the college. In addition, this council sponsors monthly coffee hours with a guest of honor from the campus or the community. The council also sponsors an annual End of the Year reception with a guest from the international community.