Lege sapere aude - Dare to be wise
the Alpha Upsilon Alpha motto

Alpha Upsilon Alpha (AUA) is the honor society of the International Reading Association.  Its purpose is to recognize scholarship, to develop personal and professional leadership qualities, and to encourage service to the field of reading education. 

Established in 1985, the honor society derives its name from the Greek words Anagnosis (reading), Upotrophia (scholarship), and Archon (leadership.) 

Buffalo State sponsors the Alpha Iota chapter of AUA.  Our membership includes faculty, students, and graduates of the literacy specialist program.

Each year the Alpha Iota chapter gives an action research award to the outstanding action research project conducted in the seminar in reading, EDU 655, the final course in the literacy specialist program.  Finalists are selected by the seminar instructors and forwarded to an awards committee comprised of chapter members for evaluation and selection of the year’s award winner.

View past Action Research Award winners and papers