Welcome to the NIA Mentor Program! 

We have so many exciting events and helpful workshops that will prepare you to be successful.  All the workshops are held in the Fireside Lounge, Campbell Student Union on  Wednesday's at 7:00 PM unless indicated on the schedule.  


Student Testimonials

“I am really happy to have been a mentee for the NIA Mentor Program. I was able to become friends with the mentees as well as my mentor Tamara McMillan. But, what I liked most about NIA was the community service day. It felt so good to get involved in the Buffalo community and I was happy I was able to do some good. The NIA Mentor Program also had presentations for freshman (like myself) on getting them prepared for their sophomore year. The NIA Mentor Program really made my transition into BSC very easy." - Kristin Thomas, NIA Mentee

“There are many positive things about the NIA mentor program but what I like the most is my faculty mentor, Tim Ecklund. Having  a faculty mentor is like having a second parent figure around. They can serve as an advisor and also assist student whenever possible. The extra benefit to having a faculty mentor is that they know the campus and member around. This helps me as the student to familiarize myself around campus." - Alfred Abankwa, NIA Mentee

“The NIA Mentor program has contributed much to my college life; not only am I doing better this semester but I’ve have also created long lasting relationships in the process. I am most grateful for the one I made my peer mentor, Angela Frimpong. I hope every incoming freshman can receive the experience I had or even a better one." - Khadijat Olagoke, Peer Mentor

For More Information Contact
Tamara L. McMillan,

Associate Director of Student Life for Leadership

Campbell Student Union, Room 400