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Peer-Mentor Application:

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Faculty/Staff Mentor Application:


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a strategy used by businesses and higher educational institutions to help individuals adjust and ultimately excel in an unfamiliar environment.  Mentoring is a unique relationship between two individuals where the person being mentored (known as the mentee) and the mentor meet regularly to discuss educational issues, problems, and to establish a lasting relationship.

What does "NIA" mean?

The word NIA means purpose in Swahili.  We incorporated this term in our program because our purpose in NIA is to NURTURE INITIATIVE and ACHIEVEMENT in students and spark their interest for learning.  The NIA Mentor Program uses the concept derived from the African proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child”, to create a supportive environment for students of color entering a predominately white campus.

Why should a student participate in the program?

The NIA Mentor Program will provide you with many opportunities to network with students and professionals, gain valuable career knowledge and experience and to familiarize yourself with the campus community.  You will also benefit from various retreats and workshops that the program offers. 

How can I benefit from participating in the NIA
Mentor Program?

The NIA Mentor Program provides you with:

  • A peer mentor who becomes your guide and friend.
  • A faculty/staff mentor that serves as your advocate.
  • A series of Well-Made Student workshops to help acquaint you to the campus and to cultivate
    behaviors that guarantee success and
  • An opportunity to network with others who share similar goals and interests.

What must I do to be a part of the NIA Mentor

Fill out a NIA Mentee application form and return it to the Minority Student Services.
Be willing to devote two (2) days a month to the program.
Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
Have a "can do it" attitude and be willing to meeting new people and
Be open to change and willing to excel as a student.