Goal: To create a nurturing and supportive environment for minority students attending a predominantly Caucasian institution.

Method: A two tiered mentoring program where students and faculty/staff mentor students one-on-one.

Expected Outcomes: Students develop and maintain a close relationship with faculty/staff outside of the classroom.  Students identify and interact with other successful students.


Goal: To produce a holistically educated person who understands that academic success involves the adequate management of all areas of one’s life, (social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, and physical).

Method: All participants are required to attend weekly Well-Made Student Workshops.  These workshops cover issues in the intellectual dimension of wellness during the first semester of the freshmen year and issues in the remaining 5 dimensions in the second semester.

Expected Outcome: In the intellectual dimension students must achieve and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA every semester, and they must remain enrolled as full-time (completing at least 12 credit hours each semester) student during their freshman and sophomore years.  In addition, students are expected to selected a major by the 3rd semester of their college career.

Knowledge of One's Self

Goal: To have students discover and understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

Method: All students must complete the College Student Inventory of the Retention Management System and the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator.  All students attend a well-made student workshop on how to interpret and use the results of the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator. 

Expected Outcomes: Once the student’s strengths and weaknesses have been identified, the mentor and mentee develop an individualized academic plan during the student’s first year of college study.

For More Information Contact
Tamara L. McMillan
 Director of Student Life for Commuter & Minority Student Services
Campbell Student Union, Room 400