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Due to a technical issue, the 20 October 2010 FINAL program schedule is posted below.  We hope to have a working .pdf available soon.  Thanks for your patience!!


NEASECS 2010 Buffalo Program


All events will be held at the Hyatt Regency except Friday night’s reception

at the Western New York Book Arts Center.



Thursday, October 21, 12pm–8pm

Registration and Book Exhibit



Thursday October 21, 1:00pm–2:30pm


1.Pirates of the Caribbean:

The Eighteenth-Century “Golden Age of Pyrating”

Regency C


Chair: Robert Craig, Independent Scholar


Jacob Judd, City University of New York

Piracy Politics


Giovanni Venegoni, Università Alma Mater Studitorium

When Pirates Supported Colonial Politics


Kyungjin Bae, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Imagining Piracy and Imperialism



2. Race, Gender, and Journals



Chair: Aimee Levesque, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Ryan Bowers, SUNY, Buffalo State College

Killing Yourself to Live: Equiano and the Destruction of the Singular


Shauna Freiermuth Taglis, SUNY, Buffalo State College

Centering the Margins: Repositioning the Works of

Rowlandson and Vassa


Joseph Noah, SUNY, Buffalo State College

Symbolic Gender Identity in Boswell and Burney’s

Therapeutic Journaling



Thursday October 21, 2:45pm–4:15pm


3.Objects of Inquiry and Exchange:

Circulating Things in the Global Eighteenth Century

Regency C


Chair: Ileana Baird, University of Virginia


Crystal B. Lake, Georgia Institute of Technology

Thingification: Making Meaning in the Novel of Circulation


Mauricio Martinez, University of Guelph

Tropicalizing the (Double)Object: Coinage and Colonialism in Charles Johnstone's Crysal; or, The Adventures of a Guinea


Jessica Crabill, University of Rochester

Curious Textual Objects in The Man of Feeling and Humphry Clinker


Catherine J. Lewis Theobald, Brandeis University

Portraits, Power, and Politics: The Clandestine Images of Characters of the royal family, ministers of state, and of all the principal persons in the French Court



4. Legal Fictions and Criminal Romances

Regency B


Chair: Erin Mackie, Syracuse University


Mike Goode, Syracuse University:

Throwing History out of Court: Walter Scott, Historiography,

and the Law of Conspiracy


Elizabeth Stearns, Syracuse University

“The darling of the mob”: Jack Sheppard in Print and on Stage


Erin Mackie, Syracuse University

Home and Away: Urban Romance in Paul Clifford



5.Representing Women’s Medico-Literary Texts (I)


Chair: Danielle Spratt, Fordham University




Laure M. Marcellesi, Dartmouth College

Enlightened Obstetrics: The Legacy of Madame du Coudray, Accoucheuse du Roy

Isabelle Clairhout, Ghent University

Authorial Self-Assertion in Mary Trye and Jane Sharp

Mary Anne Myers, Fordham University

Writing as Surgery in the Late Works of Mary Robinson



6. The Science of Feeling

Regency A

Chair: Laura Balladur, Bates College


Erica Da Costa, Fordham University

The Island: The “Arabick” Influence on Experimental Forms

from Boyle to Defoe


Laura Balladur, Bates College

Bordeu’s ‘Grand Talent’ and the Authority of Life Le Rêve de D’Almbert


Amy Mallory-Kani, SUNY, University at Albany

Writing the Virtual: Vital Forces, Vibrations, and the

Electricity of Affect in Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey



Thursday October 21, 4:30pm–6:00pm


7.Nature or Artifice: Models of Education in German Literature (I)

Regency B


Chair: Paola Mayer, University of Guelph


Rüdiger Müller, University of Guelph

Implicit Lament for Miseducation / Missed Education


Andrea Speltz, Queen’s University

Educating toward Moral Beauty in Rousseau’s Emile and

Wieland’s Agathon


Christine Lehleiter, University of Toronto

Spurzheim versus Rousseau: Education in the Age of Phrenology




8.Clothing in the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Chair: Ula Lukszo, SUNY, Stony Brook

Michael C. Amrozowicz, SUNY, University at Albany
“Sir, we know our men”: James Boswell’s Fashionable and Multifarious Character(s)


Ula Lukszo, SUNY, Stony Brook

The Female Cross-Dresser Domesticated: Representations of Resourceful Women in Eighteenth-Century Narratives


Leslie Nickerson, St. Bonaventure University

Fashioning an Identity: Clothing, Conduct, and Femininity in Richardson’s Pamela



9.Citation, Illustration, Adaptation: Remaking the Eighteenth-Century Text

Regency C


Chair: John H. O’Neill, Hamilton College


Don Bourne, Queens University

“The Better Half of Criticism”: Alexander Pope’s Early Footnotes


John H. O’Neill, Hamilton College

Resolving Tom Jones: Text and Film



10.Gender and Agency from Restoration to Romanticism

Regency A


Chair: Claire Schen, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Leah Benedict, SUNY, University at Buffalo

“Though he be live, for us he is as good as dead”: The Flaccid Clown in Restoration Drama


Cheryl Adams-Rychkov, Lynchburg College

Doors of Necessity: Moll Flanders &c. Inspire Female Transatlantic Migration


Jonathan Mercantini, Kean University

Rethinking Female Liberty in the Early Republic: Susan van Brugh Livingston Kean Niemciewicz, an Independent Woman


Rhonda Ray, East Stroudsburg University

Reexamining ‘Female Romanticism’: Anna Letitia Barbauld and Felicia Hemans


Thursday, October 21, 6:15pm–8:00pm Reception



Friday, October 22, 7:30am–9:00am: Continental Breakfast



Friday, October 22, 8 am–6 pm:

Registration and Book Exhibit




Friday October 22, 8:30am–10:00am


11.Body Art: Ethics and Aesthetics in 18th-Century Britain

Regency C


Chair: Jacob Bodway, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Jes Battis, University of Regina

Arrested Development: Eunuchs on the Restoration and Enlightenment Stage


Marta Marciniak, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Representations of Women in American Colonial Portraiture: Beyond the Gown and the Blush


Jess Keiser, Cornell University

Mind-forg’d Metaphors: The Anatomy of Imagination in Willis, Locke, and Arbuthnot


Katherine Mannheimer, University of Rochester

“But Fools for Shadows Lose Substantial Pleasures”: Theatricality, Sensuality, and the Making of Meaning in Shadwell’s The Libertine



12.Representing Women’s Medico-Literary Texts (II)

Regency A


Chair: Angela Monsam, Fordham University


Edward T. Potter, Mississippi State University

Kranke Frauen: Hypochondriac Women in Comedies by C. F. Gellert and L. A. V. Gottsched


Marnie Ellis, Ohio State University

Reading Eugenia: Rewritten Narratives of Disease and Disability in Frances Burney’s Camilla



Brandy Bagar-Fraley, Ohio University

“The Best Judge of Her Own Feelings”: Lady Delacour and Medical Modes of Gazing in Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda


13. Writing Empire, Writing History

Regency B


Chairs: Peter DeGabriele, Mississippi State University, and

Joel P. Sodano, Jr., SUNY, University at Albany


Ian J. Aebel, University of New Hampshire

Historiographical Warfare: Anglo-American Historiography and the Creation of the English Atlantic World, c. 1485 to c. 1714


Stephen J. S. Smith, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Slavery and the Church of England: Complexities and Contradictions in Eighteenth-Century Barbados and Jamaica


Joel P. Sodano, Jr., SUNY, University at Albany

Justice, Benevolence, and the Sovereign Exception: Shades

of the ‘Forty-Five’ in Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral

Sentiments, a Schmittian Critique


Peter DeGabriele, Mississippi State University

Delicacy, Propriety and Sovereignty in David Hume’s History of England



14.At the Limits of the Individual Subject

Grand E


Chair: Erik R. Seeman, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Matthew J. Rigilano, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Psychotic Metonymy; or, The Adventures of Things in the Eighteenth-Century Circulation Narrative


Jennifer Thorn, St. Anselm College

Seduction and Phillis Wheatley’s Elegies for Children


Thomas Cook, SUNY, University at Albany

The Aesthetic Politic: Kant’s Necessary Other





Friday, October 22, 10:15am–11:45am


15. Distinguished Speaker: Art History

Regency C


Chair: Lisa Berglund


Sarah Cohen, Art, SUNY, University at Albany

The Picture as Primary Source: Using Visual Art in Interdisciplinary Research



16.The Glocal Eighteenth Century

Regency B


Chair: Evan Gottlieb, Oregon State University


Dan Gustafson, City College of New York

Lazy Nobility: Global Politics in Aphra Behn’s The Widdow Ranter


Evan Gottlieb, Oregon State University

From Global Sympathies to Spectral Localities: Rethinking the Gothic Tradition


Robin Runia, Angelo State University

Exceptionalism or Equality? Cross-Dressing Dissent in

The Widdow Ranter



17. The Form of Fiction / The Fiction of Form

Regency A


Chair: Robert Chibka, Boston College


Robert Chibka, Boston College

What’s Future is Epilogue: Rasselas’s Temporizing Quarrel with Fiction


Mark K. Fulk, SUNY, Buffalo State College

The New Formalism, Women's Poetry (1770-1840), and the Rhetorical Turn


Gillian Paku, SUNY, Geneseo

“Fictitious Names”: Laurence Sterne’s Annotated Anonymity


18.Mediating Cultural Exchange

Grand E


Chair: Daniel O’Quinn, University of Guelph


Sophie Thomas, Ryerson University

Lever's Holosphusikon: Distraction and Display in the Early Museum


Cecilia Feilla, Marymount Manhattan College

Revolutionary Mediations: Reenactments of the French Revolution on the Popular British Stage


Daniel O’Quinn, University of Guelph

Diplomacy and the Mediation of Cultural Memory


Friday, October 22, 12:00pm–1:30pm:

Executive Board lunch (Board members only)

Atrium Bar & Bistro


Friday, October 22, 1:45pm–3:15pm


19. Distinguished Speaker: French Literature

Regency A


Chair: Mark K. Fulk


Thomas DiPiero, University of Rochester

The Boudoir in Philosophy: Love, Sex, and Materialism in French (and British) Fiction


20.Nature or Artifice: Models of Education in German Literature (II)

Regency B


Chair: Christine Lehleiter, University of Toronto


David Pugh, Queen’s University

Aesthetic Education: The Halle Version


Jean Wilson, McMaster University

From Arrested Development to Creative Collaboration: Challenge and Affirmation in Kleist’s “On the Marionette Theatre”


Paola Mayer, University of Guelph

Natural-supernatural Education in German Romantic Fairy Tales


21. The American Enlightenment (I)

Regency C


Chair: Mark G. Spencer, Brock University


Jon Parmenter, Cornell University

Natives, Space, and Time in Enlightened America, 1740-1820

Katherine A. Hermes, Central Connecticut State University

“To the Benefit of Mankind”: American Interest in the Voyages of Captain Cook, 1768-1800


Russell M. Lawson, Bacone College

Pious Scientists, Indigenous Peoples, and Religious Change: The Accounts of Christian Missionaries to the First Nations during the Enlightenment


22. Form and Resistance in the Four Nations

Grand E


Chair: Jeff Strabone, Connecticut College


Mike Hill, SUNY, University at Albany

Conjectural History and the Right to Resistance


Jeff Strabone, Connecticut College

Allan Ramsay and Cultural Resistance through Literary Form


Rivka Swenson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Atomic Scotlands: Humphry Clinker Revisited


Friday, October 22, 3:30pm–5:00pm


23. Exploring Media Cultures: Oral, Print, Manuscript

Regency C


Chair: Kathleen Lubey, St. John’s University


Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins, McMaster University

The Ladies Amusement: The Cheap Thrills of Chinese Design


James Mulholland, Wheaton College

Translocalism and the Printed Poetry of Eighteenth-Century India

Kathleen Lubey, St. John’s University

Frances Burney and Evelina: Some Questions about Formalism


23. Exploring Media Cultures: Oral, Print, Manuscript

Regency C


Chair: John Richetti, University of Pennsylvania



John H. O'Neill, Hamilton College

Katherine M. Quinsey, University of Windsor

Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, New Jersey City University

Patrice Smith, Harrisburg Area Community College, Gettysburg Campus

25. French Exploration: History and Pedagogy

Regency B


Chair: Liana Vardi, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Federico Bonzi, Università degli Studi di Napoli

Voyager pour s’instruire? La Position Originale et Polémique de Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Carlton Hickok, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Chateaubriand’s Voyage and French Communities in the Ottoman Empire


Jeffrey M. Leichman, Sarah Lawrence College

The Controversial Eighteenth Century: Teaching Voltaire’s Mahomet in 2010


26.“Rambling” Women in the 18th-Century Atlantic World

Grand E


Chair: Jonathan Nash, SUNY, University at Albany


Emily Kugler, Colby College

Feathered Ferocity: Violence and Fashion in Female Adventure Narratives


Aruna Krishnamurthy, Fitchburg State College

Hannah Snell’s The Female Soldier: An Examination of the Plebian Crossdressing in Eighteenth-Century Britain


Erica I. Nuckles, SUNY, University at Albany

Virtuous Ladies and Debaucherous Whores: The Culture of Sensibility at War


Friday, October 22, 5:15pm–6:30pm:

27. Plenary Address

Grand A


Susan Juster, University of Michigan

Holy War in the Age of Enlightenment


Friday, October 22, 6:45pm–8:00pm: Reception

Western New York Book Arts Center

468 Washington Street at Mohawk Street


Saturday, October 23, 7:30-9:00am: Continental Breakfast Mezzanine


Saturday, October 23, 8:00 am–6:00pm

Registration and Book Exhibit



Saturday October 23, 8:15am–9:45am


28.Teaching the History of the Eighteenth-Century Book

Regency C


Chair: Lisa M. Wilson, English and Communication, SUNY College at Potsdam


Katherine M. Quinsey, University of Windsor

Fontasms of Self: Eighteenth-Century Print Culture and the Facebook Generation


Annelle Curulla, Bowdoin College

“Useful Knowledge”?: Banned Books, Collections, and the Enlightenment Survey Course


Benjamin F. Pauley, Eastern Connecticut State University

Teaching the History of the Eighteenth-Century Book ...

When You Don't Have ECCO


29. The American Enlightenment (II)

Regency A


Chair: Mark G. Spencer, Brock University


Burton J. Bledstein, University of Illinois at Chicago

Jared Sparks: Strengths and Limitations of the Enlightenment Tradition in the Nineteenth Century


Arthur L. Morton, Saint Xavier University

American Enlightenment Science and the Chemical Philosophy


James E. Crimmins, Huron University College

Contra Locke: Utilitarian Ideas in Late Enlightenment America



30. Race and Slavery across the Globe

Regency B


Chair: Richard Newman, Rochester Institute of Technology


Adam R. Beach, Ball State University

Race, Slavery, and Early Modern Morocco in the Narrative of Thomas Pellow


Kari Winter, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Antislavery Sentiments v. Patriarchal Property Rights: Judge Joseph Prentis and Judge St. George Tucker in 1790s Virginia



Amanda Johnson, Vanderbilt University

“The Last of the Ancient Race”: Transatlanticism and the Construction of Whiteness in Edgar Allan Poe’s Southern Gothic


Saturday October 23, 9:45 am–10:15am: Coffee Break



Saturday October 23, 10:15am–11:30am:

31. Plenary Address

Grand A


Patricia Johnston, Salem State College

Inquiry, Pedagogy, Exploration: Eighteenth-Century Studies Scholars Making a Difference in K-12 Education

Saturday October 23, 11:40am–1:00pm:

Lunch and general business meeting

Grand B


Saturday October 23, 1:00pm–2:30pm


32. Distinguished Speaker: History

Regency A


Chair: Erik R. Seeman, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Mary Beth Norton, Mary Donlon Alger Professor of American  History & Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow, Cornell University

Lady Frances Berkeley and Grace Cosby: Aristocratic Women and the Changing Political Culture of Early Anglo-America


33. Materiality and Practice

Regency B


Chair: Helen Thompson, Northwestern University


Helen Thompson, Northwestern University

Secondary Qualities in Boyle and Behn


Ruth Mack, SUNY, University at Buffalo

“Habit and Perception in Johnson’s Scotland”


Julie Park, Vassar College

“Interest will not Lie”: Interior Matters in Sense and Sensibility



34. Economic Systems and Identities

Regency C


Chair: Melissa Bissonette, St. John Fisher College


Teri Doerksen, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

“Ask, Learn, Explore: Moral Inquiry and the Economics of Exploration in Defoe’s Moll Flanders, Robinson Crusoe, and Colonel Jack


Lee Kahan, Indiana University, South Bend

Sheridan’s Smithian School for Scandal


Devjani Roy, University of Kentucky

Performing Money: The Problem of the Émigré in Frances Burney’s The Wanderer


Saturday October 23, 2:45pm–4:15pm


35. Distinguished Speaker: English Literature

Regency A


Chair: Ruth Mack, SUNY, University at Buffalo


Jenny Davidson, Columbia University

The ABCs of the Novel


36. War and the Environment in the Long Eighteenth Century
Regency B


Chair: Thomas Chambers, Niagara University

Michael Gunther, Lehigh University

Creative Destruction and Revolutionary Settlements in the Hudson-Champlain Corridor, 1775-1791

T. Kurt Knoerl, Museum of Underwater Archaeology, George Washington University

Armed for Trade: British Naval Development, and the Maritime Cultural Landscape in the Western Great Lakes Region


Craig Miller, SUNY, University at Buffalo

Pigs and Pieces and Property: Contrasting Subsistence Strategies in the Outbreak of King Philip’s War



37. New Frontiers of Early Modern Pedagogy

Regency C


Chair: Julie Gibert, Canisius College


Charlotte M. Craig, Rutgers University

Learning through Experience and Observation: Pestalozzi “And Company,” A Brief History of Early Modern Education


Jennifer Egloff, New York University

Extra-University Mathematics Education in Early Modern England and British North America



Saturday, October 23, 4:30pm–6:00pm


38. The Pedagogy of the Obsessed: Writers as Educators

Regency A


Chair: Ann A. Huse, John Jay College, CUNY


Ann A. Huse, John Jay College, CUNY

Tutoring Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes in Exile


Cecilia Feilla, Marymount Manhattan College

The “St. Preux Complex”: Diagnosing Rousseau's Tutors


Heather Klemann, Yale University

The Spell of Learning: Shakespeare’s Tempest in Maria Edgeworth’s Practical Education and Belinda



39.(Un)Doing the Lyric: Pedagogy, Identity, and Performance

Regency B


Chair: Mark K. Fulk, SUNY, Buffalo State College


Rebeka Keator, SUNY, Buffalo State College

Redeeming Nature in Wordsworth’s “Ode”: An Adult Momento Mori


Michelle Hatswell, SUNY, Buffalo State College

Breaking the Ice with Byron: The Path to Literacy in the Teaching of Poetry to/for Boys


Dana Eric Misenheimer, SUNY, Buffalo State College

Two Shades of Lyric Retreat in Iris Murdoch's The Book and the Brotherhood







Image: Canisius College