2012, Volume 41


The Seventeenth Century Brewhouse and Bakery at Ferryland, Newfoundland, Arthur R. Clausnitzer, Jr. and Barry C. Gaulton

Venison Trade and Interaction between English Colonists and Native Americans in Virginia’s Potomac River Valley, D. Brad Hatch

A Plantation Transplanted: Archaeological Investigations of a Piedmont-Style Slave Quarter at Rose Hill, Geneva, New York, James A. Delle and Kristen R. Fellows

Dates for Suction Scarred Bottoms: A Chronology for Early Owens Machine-Made Bottles, George L. Miller and Tony McNichol

It’s Elemental! A Case Study in the Use of Multi-element Geochemical Analysis as an Aid in Locating Cultural Features at the Foundation Site, Michael J. Gall

Stable-Isotope Bone Chemistry and Human/Animal Interactions in Historical Archaeology, Eric J. Guiry, Stéphane Noël, and Eric Tourigny

A Battle of Remembrance: Memorialization and Heritage at the Newtown Battlefield, New York, Brant Venables

A Dendroarchaeological Study of Wood from Fort Lennox National Historic Site, Île-aux-Noix, Québec, Emilie Young-Vigneault, Louise Filion, and Allison Bain

Aerial Archaeology at the Moland House: Balloon-Elevated Videography in Search of Colonial Period Structures, Richard E. Gambler III, Andrew Notarfranceso, and P. J. Capelotti

 2011, Volume 40

Awards for Excellence in Service


Small Finds, Space, and Social Context: Exploring Agency in Historical Archaeology, David Muraca, John Coombs, Phil Levy, Laura Galke, Paul Nasca, and Amy Muraca

"Jesuit" Rings in Trade Exchanges Between France and New France: Contribution of a Technological Typology to Identifying Supply and Distribution Networks , Caroline Mercier

A Guide to Spurs of Maryland and Delaware ca. 1635-1820, Sara Rivers-Cofield

Being Fashionable on Maryland’s Western Shore in the Late Seventeenth Century, Patricia Samford

"Every Man Turned Out in the Best He Had": Clothing and Buttons in the Historical and Archaeological Records of Johnson’s Island Prisoner-of-War Depot, 1862-1865, Tyler Rudd Putman

Beads, Coins, and Charms at a Poplar Forest Slave Cabin (1833-1858), Lori Lee

Research Notes

Revolutionary War and an Amsterdam Privy: The Remarkable Background of a Rhode Island Ship Token, Ranjith M. Jayasena

French Translation

Les Bagues Dites « Jésuites » dans les Échanges Entre la France et la Nouvelle-France: Contribution d’une Typologie Technologique à l’Identification de Réseaux d’Approvisionnement et de Distribution, Caroline Mercier

Book Reviews

Review of Jefferson’s Poplar Forest: Unearthing a Virginia Plantation edited by Barbara J. Heath and Jack Gary, Julia King

Review of The Archaeology of Antislavery Resistance, by Terrance M. Weik, Ashley Peles

2010, Volume 39

Introduction: Archaeological and Forensic Investigations of an Abolitionist Church in New York City, Edward M. Morin

"A Free Church for the People": The History of the Spring Street Church and Its Burial Vaults, Elizabeth D. Meade

Lost within the Rubble: The Archaeological Findings from the Spring Street Presbyterian Church Burial Vaults, Douglas B. Mooney

Stories from the Rubble: Analysis of the Mortuary Artifacts from the Spring Street Presbyterian Church Vaults, Rebecca L. White and Douglas B. Mooney

"That Class of Person Who Cannot Afford a Pew": Analysis of the Human Remains from the Spring Street Presbyterian Church Burial Vaults, Thomas A. Crist

Archaeologies of Disease and Public Order in Nineteenth-Century New York: The View from Spring and Varick, William Werner and Shannon A. Novak

The Chrildren of Spring Street: Rickets in an Early Nineteenth-Century Congregation, Meredith A.B. Ellis

Resurrectionists’ Excursions: Evidence of Postmortem Dissection from the Spring Street Presbyterian Church, Shannon A. Novak and Wesley Willoughby

Book Reviews

Review of Black Feminist Archaeology, by Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Barbara J. Little

Review of Saugus Iron Works: The Roland W. Robbins Excavations, 1948 - 1953 edited by William A. Griswold and Donald W. Linebaugh, Richard Veit

Review of The Edge of the Woods: Iroquoia, 1534 - 1701, by Jon Parmenter, Jack Rossen

 2009, Volume 38

Assessing Variability Among Quartering Sites in Viirginia, Barbara J. Heath and Eleanor E. Breen

The Mother of the Father of Our Country: Mary Ball Washington's Genteel Domestic Habits, Laura J. Galke

Patriots, Tories, Inebriates and Huddies: The Historical Archaeology of the Abraham Staats House, as a Case Study in Microhistory, Richard Veit and Michael J. Gall

Growing Things "Rare, Foreign and Tender": The Early Nineteenth-Century Greenhouse at Gore Place, Waltham, Massachusetts, Christa M. Beranek, J.N. Leith Smith, John M. Steinberg and Michele G. S. Garman

Archaeology at the 1777 Ebenezer Story Site: The Household Economy of a Family of Fisherman-Farmers on the Thames River, Preston, Connecticut, Ross K. Harper and Bruce Clouette

Assumptions about Consumption in the Archaeology of Late Nine-teenth Century Farmsteads, Niels R. Rinehart

Book Reviews

Review of Ceramic Maker's Marks by Erica S. Gibson, Patricia Samford

Review of Ethnographies and Archaeologies: Iterations of the Past by Lena Mortensen and Julie Hollowell, Christina J. Hodge

Review of Death in the New World: Cross-Cultural Encounters, 1492-1800 by Erik R. Seeman, Richard Veit

Review of The Archaeology of American Labor and Working-Class Life by Paul A. Shackel, James A. Delle

Review of Beneath the Ivory Tower: The Archaeology of Academia edited by Russell K. Skowronek and Kenneth E. Lewis, David R. Starbuck

Review of Excavating the Sutler's House: Artifacts of the British Armies in Fort Edward and Lake George by David R. Starbuck, Richard Veit

Review of The Jeffersons at Shadwell by Susan Kern, Laura J. Galke

2008, Volume 37

Award for Excellence in Service to Edward J. LenikThe Archaeology of the Matron’s Cottage: a Household of Female Employees at Sailors’ Snug Harbor, Staten Island, New York, Sherene Baugher

Catholic Identities, the Catholic Temperance Movement, and Father Mathew: The Social History of a Teacup, Stephen A. Brighton

Forging Ahead in Somerset Hills: Archaeological Documentation of an 18th-Century Bloomery Forge in Bernardsville, New Jersey, Richard Veit and Michael J. Gall

The Analysis of 18th-Century Glass Trade Beads from Fort Niagara: Insight into Compositional Variation and Manufacturing Techniques, Aaron Shugar and Ariel O’connor

Research Notes

The John Hunt Map of the First English Colony in New England, Jeffrey P. Brain

A "Fashionable Tailor" on Water Street: Nineteenth-century Tailor’s Chalks from St. John’s, Newfoundland,  Blair Temple and Barry C. Gaulton

Book Reviews

Review of Past Meets Present: Archaeologists Partnering with Museum Curators, Teachers, and Community Groups, edited by John H. Jameson, Jr. and Sherene Baugher, Lynn Evans

Review of The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America, by Charles E. Orser, Jr., Paul A. Shackel

Review of The Archaeology of Institutional Confinement, by Eleanor Conlin Casella, Sherene Baugher

Review of The Archaeology of North American Farmsteads, by Mark Groover, Louann Wurst and Dustin Conklin

2007, Volume 36

Acknowledgements, Stephen A. Mrozowski and Katherine Howlett Hayes

Dedication, Stephen A. Mrozowski

The Archaeology of Sylvester Manor, Stepen A. Mrozowski, Katherine Howlett Hayes, and Anne P. Hancock

From Youghco to Black John: Ethnohistory of Sylvester Manor, ca. 1600-1735, Katherine Lee Priddy

Field Excavations at Sylvester Manor, Katherine Howlett Hayes

Geophysical Explorations at Sylvester Manor, Kenneth L. Kvamme

The Use of Soil Micromorphology at Syvester Manor, Eric L. Proebsting

The Laboratory Excavation of a Soil Block from Sylvester Manor, Dennis Piechota

Material Culture and Multi-Cultural Interactions at Sylvester Manor, Jack Gary

Cider, Wheat, Maize, and Firewood: Paleoethnobotany at Sylvester Manor, Heather Trigg and Ashley Leasure

Zooarchaeological Evidence for Animal Husbandry and Foodways at Sylvester Manor, Sarah Sportman, Craig Cipolla, and David Landon

Conclusion: Meditations on the Archaeology of a Northern Plantation, Stephen A. Mrozowski, Katherine Howlett Hayes, Heather Trigg, Jack Gary, David Landon, and Dennis Piechota

2006 Volume 35
Award for Excellence in Service to Pierre Beaudet

"Articles too tedious to Enumerate": The Appreciation of Ceramics in mid-18th-century Newport, Rhode Island
Christina Hodge

Wampum Diplomacy: The Historical and Archaeological Evidence for Wampum at Fort Niagara, Elizabeth Peña

Bricks and the Evolving Industrial Landscape: The West Point Foundry and New York's Hudson River Valley, Timothy Scarlett, Jeremy Rahn, and Daniel Scott
Owned in Life, Owned in Death: The Pine Street African and African-American Burial Ground in Kingston, New York, Joseph E. Diamond
The Socioeconomic Landscape of Northern Delaware's Taverns and Innkeepers: The Blue Ball Tavern and Vicinity, Heather A. Wholey

"What'll Thou Have": Quakers and the Characterization of Tavern Sites in Colonial Philadelphia, John M. Chenoweth
A Bibliography of New England Historical Archaeology, 1987-2006, David R. Starbuck

Book Reviews

Review of "The Most Advantageous Situation in the Highlands": An Archaeological Study of Fort Montgomery State Historic Site,
edited by Charles L. Fisher, Christopher T. Espenshade
Review of Neither Plain Nor Simple: New Perspectives on the Canterbury Shakers, by David R. Starbuck, Kim A. Mcbride

Review of Perishable Material Culture in the Northeast, edited by Penelope Ballard Drooker, Elizabeth S. Peña
Review of Rockingham Ware in American Culture, 1830-1930: Reading Historical Artifacts, by Jane Perkins Claney, Sherene Baugher
Review of The Continuance-An Algonquian Peoples Seminar: Selected Research Papers 2000, edited by Shirley Dunn, Julie Ann Stoltz
Review of Historical Archaeology, edited by Martin Hall and Stephen W. Silliman, Robert Paynter
Review of Industrial Archaeology: Future Directions, edited by Eleanor Conlin Casella and James Symonds, Kelly J. Dixon

2005, Volume 34

Special Issue: From the Netherlands to New Netherland: The Archaeology of the Dutch in the Old and New Worlds
Introduction, Paul R. Huey

The Van Lidth de Jeude Family and the Waste from their Privy: Material Culture of a Wealthy Family in 18th-century Tiel, the Netherlands, Michiel H. Bartels

The Castello Plan--Evidence of Horticulture in New Netherland or Cartographer's Whimsy?, Richard Schaefer and Meta Fayden Janowitz

Cloth Seals at Iroquois Sites, Jan M. Baart

A Preliminary Assessment and Identification of the Shipwreck Remains Uncovered in 1916 at the World Trade Center Site in New York City, Gerald A. Deweerdt
The Archaeology of 17th-Century New Netherland Since 1985: An Update, Paul R. Huey

An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Sources on the Archaeology of Old World Dutch Material Culture in the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries, Paul R. Huey

2004, Volume 33

Award Announcements
Editor's Introduction, David B. Landon
The Social and Material Lives of the Agricultural Elite: The 18th-Century Tyngs of Dunstable, Massachusetts, Christa M. Beranek

Towards a Historical Archaeology of the German-Canadians of Markham's Berczy Settlement, Eva M. MacDonald

What the Warners Wore: An Archaeological Investigation of Visual Appearance, Carolyn White

"Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust": Observations on Human Skeletal Taphonomy at Two Historic Cemeteries in Northern Rhode Island, Joseph N. Waller, Jr.

Irritating Intimates: The Archaeoentomology of Lice, Fleas, and Bedbugs Allison Bain

Rural Tenant Laborers and the Rise of the Industrial Economy: Historical Ethnography of the Heminitz Property Site (36LH267), Upper Macungie Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Daniel N. Bailey, John W. Lawrence, and Paul W. Schopp
Whose Trash is it, Anyway? A Stratigraphic and Ceramic Analysis of the South Grove Midden (44FX762/17), Mount Vernon, Virginia, Eleanor R. Breen
Excavations at the Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton Smith Site, Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Archaeological Evidence for the Underground Railroad? James A. Delle and Mary Ann Levine

The Mississauga at the Head-of-the-Lake: Examining Responses to Cultural Upheaval at the Close of the Fur Trade, John R. Triggs

Book Reviews
Review of Myth, Memory, and the Making of the American Landscape,
edited by Paul A. Shackel, Sherene Baugher
Review of Unearthing Gotham: The Archaeology of New York City, by Anne-Marie Cantwell and Diana diZerega Wall, Nancy J. Brighton
Review of Site du Palais de l'intendant Chantier-École de l'an 2000, by Marie-Michelle Dionne, Désirée-Emmanuelle Duchaine, and Richard Lapointe, Pauline Desjardins
Review of Digging New Jersey's Past: Historical Archaeology in the Garden State, by Richard Veit, Sherene Baugher

2003, Volume 32

Introduction to the Finger Lakes National Forest Archaeology Project, James A. Delle, James Boyle, and Thomas W. Cuddy

The Rural Settlement History of the Hector Backbone, Patrick J. Heaton

Farmsteads and Finances in the Finger Lakes: Using Archival Resources in a GIS Database, Patrick J. Heaton

Analyzing Farm Layout and Farmstead Architecture, Mark Smith and James Boyle

Analyzing the Settlement Pattern of the Burnt Hill Study Area, Karen B. Wehner and Karen G. Holmberg

The Artifact Assemblage from the Finger Lakes National Forest Archaeology Project, Janet Six, Patrick J. Heaton, Susan Malin-Boyce, and James A. Delle

Spatial Analysis and Archaeological Resources in the Finger Lakes National Forest, Thomas W. Cuddy

Concluding Thoughts on the Finger Lakes National Forest Archaeology Project, James A. Delle
Appendix: Creating a GIS Project in ArcView, Thomas W. Cuddy

Guidelines for Contributors

2001-2002, Volume 30-31

Introduction to the Archaeology of Nineteenth-Century Farmsteads in Northeastern Canada and the United States, Sherene Baugher and Terry H. Klein
The Archaeology of Nineteenth-Century Farmsteads: The Results of a Workshop Held at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the Council for the Northeast Historical Archaeology, Terry H. Klein, George L. Miller, Mark Shaffer, Wade Catts, Mary Beaudry, Lu Ann De Cunzo and Dena Doroszenko
Recovering Information Worth Knowing: Developing More Discriminating Approaches for Selecting Nineteenth-Century Rural Domestic Sites and Farmsteads, Karen D. Mccann And Robert L. Ewing

What is it? Archaeological Evidence of Nineteenth Century Agricultural Drainage Systems, Sherene Baugher

Burning Down the House: The Archaeological Manifestation of Fire on Historic Domestic Sites, Dena Doroszenko

Rethinking the Mengkon-Mixing Bowl: Salvage Archaeology at the Johannes Luyster House, A Dutch-American Farm
Gerard P. Scharfenberger and Richard F. Veit

Living on the Edge: Consumption and Class at the Keith Site, Maria O’ Donovan And Lou Ann Wurst

The Archaeology of Agriculture and Rural Life in Northern Delaware, 1800–1940, Lu Ann De Cunzo

How the Past Becomes a Place: An Example from Nineteenth-Century Maryland, Julia A. King

Trying to Think Progressively About Nineteenth-Century Farms, Mary C. Beaudry

Research Questions for the Archaeology of Rural Places: Experiences from the Middle Atlantic, Wade Catts

A System for Ranking the Research Potential of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Farmstead Sites, George L. Miller and Terry H. Klein

Addressing an Historic Preservation Dilemma: The Future of Nineteenth-Century Farmstead Archaeology in the Northeast Terry H. Klein and Sherene Baugher

Review Essay
Reading the Reading of Gender in Archaeology,
Katherine Howlett

Book Reviews
Review of Massacre at Fort William Henry by
David R. Starbuck,
Marshall Joseph Becker

2000, Volume 29
Editor’s Introduction
Mary C. Beaudry

Telling Time for Archaeologists, George L. Miller, with contributions by Patricia Samford, Ellen Shlasko, and Andrew Madsen

Ordinary and Poor People in 18th-Century Delaware, John Bedell and Gerald P. Scharfenberger
Towards an Archaeology of the Hudson River Ice Industry, Wendy Elizabeth Harris and Arnold Pickman

Waiting for the Second Coming: The Canterbury Shakers, An Archaeological Perspective on Blacksmithing and Pipe Smoking, David R. Starbuck

Learning Cast up from the Mire: Archaeological Investigations of Schoolhouses in the Northeastern United States, James G. Gibb and April M. Beisaw

Review Essay
On the Care and Feeding of Preservation Managers,
Edward L. Bell

Book Reviews
Review of Imagining Consumers: Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning by Regina Lee Blaszczyk,
James A. Delle

Review of Death by Theory: A Tale of Mystery and Archaeological Theory by Adrian Praetzellis, Diana DiPaolo Loren

Review of The Archaeological Northeast by  Mary Ann Levine, Kenneth A. Sassaman, and Michael S. Nassaney, Alan Leveillee

Review of Dangerous Places: Health, Safety, and Archaeology edited by David A. Poirier and Kenneth L. Feder, Kathleen L. Wheeler
Review of Archaeology and Created Memory: Public History in a National Park by  Paul A. Shackel, James C. Garman

Guidelines for Contributors

1999, Volume 28
Seventeenth-Century Portuguese Faiança and Its Presence in Colonial America, Charlotte Wilcoxen
Who's Been Drinking on the Railroad? Archaeological Excavations at the Central Railroad of New Jersey's Lakehurst Shops, Richard Veit and Paul W. Schopp

Contributions of Women to the Acquisition, Maintenance, and Discard of Portable Estates, Kathleen L. Wheeler

From the Warehouses to the Canal By Rail ca.1830: The Lachine Canal, Montreal, Quebec, Pauline Desjardins

Early Military Sites Archaeology in New York State: An Interview with Richard J. Koke, David R. Starbuck

Interpreting Social Organization at Industrial Sites: An Example from the Ohio Trap Rock Mine, David B. Landon

1998, Volume 27


I Know It's Only Rock 'n' Roll But They Like It! Community History, Popular Music, and Public Audiences, Stefan Bielinski

Is It Just Rock 'n' Roll? A Comment on Stefan Bielinski's "Community History, Popular Music, and Public Audiences", James G. Gibb

Comment on "I Know It's Only Rock 'n' Roll But They Like It!", Stefan Bielinski, Carol McDavid


"In Delaware the Millennium Has Come": 19th-Century Farmstead Archaeology and the Methodist Discipline, Michael D. Scholl

Worked Ballast Flint At Aptucxet, Barbara J. Luetdke

Historical Skeletal Remains from Dundas County, Ontario: A Cautionary Tale Concerning Individual Identification
Lynda Wood and Janet Young

Exploratory Pollen Analysis of the Ditch of the 1665 Turf Fort, Jamestown, Virginia, Gerald K. Kelso, Audrey J. Horning, Andrew C. Edwards, Marley R. Brown III, and Martha W. McCartney

Domestic Masonry Architecture in 17th-Century Virginia, David A. Brown

Research Note
A Recreation to Great Persons: Bowling in Colonial Boston,
Ann-Eliza H. Lewis

 1996, Volume 26

Anatomy of an Almshouse Complex, Sherene Baugher and Edward J. Lenik

"Promiscuous Smoking": Interpreting Gender and Tobacco Use in the Archaeological Record, Lauren J. Cook

A Preliminary Report on the Excavation of a 19th Century Derelict Vessel in Cape Neddick, Maine: The southern New Jersey Coasting Schooner Annabella, Stefan H. Claesson

Research Notes

Cellulose Nitrate Plastic (Celluloid) in Archaeological Assemblages: Identification and Care, Megan E. Springate

Considering Colonoware from the Barnes Plantation: A Proposed Colonoware Typology for Northern Virginia Colonial Sites, Andrew S. Veech

 1996, Volume 25

"This Church is for the Living:" An Assessment of Archaeological Standards for the Removal of Cemeteries in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, James Garman

"Where Angels Fear to Tread:" Cemetery Preservation Efforts by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, Edward L. Bell

Historic Cemeteries as Contested Grounds, Paul A. Robinson

"A Ray of Sunshine in the Sickroom:" Archaeological Insights into Late 19th- and 20th-Century Medicine and Anesthesia, Richard Veit

18th- and Early 19th-Century Brickmaking at the John Jay Homestead: The Process, Products, and Craftsmen, Lois M. Feister and Joseph S. Sopko

Geophysical Exploration in the U.S. National Parks, Bruce Bevan

 1995, Volume 24

Home Thoughts from Abroad: Some Observations on Contract Archaeology in England, James Symonds

Historic Gravestone Fragments: A Collections Management Plan, Harley A. Erickson

Scratching the Surface: Seven Seasons at the Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm, Newbury, Massachusetts, Mary C. Beaudry

The Virginia Earthenwares Project: Characterizing 17th-Century Earthenwares by Electronic Image Analysis, Thomas E. Davidson

The Archaeology of Provincial Officer's Huts at Crown Point State Historic Site, Charles L. Fisher

Battlefield Palynology: Reinterpretation of British Earthworks, Saratoga National Historical Park, Stillwater, New York, Gerald K. Kelso and Dick Ping Hsu

 1994, Volume 23

Is It Futile to Try and Be Useful? Historical Archaeology and the African-American Experience, Larry McKee

"A Succession of Kaleidoscopic Pictures:" Historical Archaeology at the Turner House, Salem, Massachusetts, Lorinda B.R. Goodwin

Status, Technology, and Rural Tradition in Western Pennsylvania: Excavations at the Shaeffer Farm Site, John Bedell, Michael Petraglia, and Thomas Plummer

The Pollen Record Formation Processes of a Rural Cellar Fill: Identification of the Captain David Brown House, Concord, Massachusetts, Gerald K. Kelso, Alison D. Dwyer, and Alan T. Synenki

The Clay Pipe Assemblage from an 18th- and 19th-Century Aboriginal Consumer Site in the Upper Mid-Continent, C.S. "Paddy Reid

 1992-1993, Volumes 21-22


Introduction, Nan A. Rothschild and Diana diZerega Wall

Bert Salwen's Prehistory: 1962-1983, Dena F. Dincauze

Prehistoric Adaptation on Fisher's Island, New York: A Progress Report, Robert E. Funk and John E. Pfeiffer

Pottery Production and Cultural Process: Prehistoric Ceramics from the Morgan Site, Lucianne Lavin, Fred Gudrian, and Laurie Miroff

Indian Forts of the Mid-17th-Century in the Southern New England-New York Coastal Area, Ralph S. Solecki

Evidence of the Niantic Indians in the Archaeological Record, Anthony J. Puniello

The Mahicans, the Dutch, and the Shodack Islands in the 17th and 18th Centuries, Paul R. Huey

Bert Salwen's Involvement with Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management. Late 1960s-1988, Lorraine E. Williams, Nan A. Rothschild, Diana Di Zerega Wall

Local Trade in Pre-Revolutionary New Jersey, Rebecca Yamin

The Archaeology of 19th-Century Health and Hygiene at the Sullivan Street Site, New York City, Jean E. Howson

An Archaeological Analysis of Spatial Patterning in College Dormitory Rooms, Rose Garvin-Jackson

Alternatives to Archaeological Data Recovery, Joel I. Klein

Representations of the Local Past: Gilded Age and Bureaucratic Accounts of the Minisink, 1889 to the Present, Wendy Harris

"Something Rich and Strange:" Reburial in New York City, Anne-Marie Cantwell

Bert Salwen--A Recollection, John L. Cotter

 1991, Volume 20

Is Archaeology Destructive or Are Archaeologists Self-Destructive?, Pierre Beaudet and Monique Elie

A Retrospective on Archaeology at Fort William Henry, 1952-1993: Retelling the Tale of the Last of the Mohicans, David R. Starbuck

The Orphanages at Schuyler Mansion, Lois Feister
Thunder and Powder: May They Never Meet! Lightning Conductors at the Esplanade Powder Magazine,
Pierre Drouin

Death at Snake Hill: A Review of the Popular Report, Edward L. Bell

Bones and Burial Registers: Infant Mortality in a 19th-Century Cemetery from Upper Canada, Ann Herring, Shelley Saunders, and Gerry Boyce

Historical Archaeology at Saybrook Point, Connecticut: Excavation and Interpretation at an Archaeological and Historical Park, Harold D. Juli

 1990, Volume 19

Building a Framework for Research: Delaware's Management Plan for Historical Archaeological Resources, Lu Ann De Cunzo and Wade P. Catts

The General Hospital on Mount Independence: 18th-Century Health Care at a Revolutionary War Cantonment, David R. Starbuck

Who Edits the Editors? Snake Hill and Archaeological Reports, Al B. Wesolowsky

The Origins of Trade Silver Among the Lenape: Pewter Objects from Southeastern Pennsylvania as Possible Precursors, Marshall Joseph Becker

1989, Volume 18

The Development of Contact Period Archaeology in Southern New England and Long Island: From "Gee Whiz!" to "So What?," Bert Salwen

Archaeological Excavations at Bon-Désir: Basque Presence in the St. Lawrence Estuary, Dominique Lalande

Prospect Hill: Skeletal Remains from a 19th-Century Methodist Cemetery, Newmarket, Ontario, S. Pfeiffer, J.C. Dudar, and S. Austin

Squeezing Ceramics for More Than Their Worth: Boundary Maintenance at an 18th-Century Port in New Jersey, Rebecca Yamin

Pollen Record Formation Processes at the Isles of Shoals: Botanical Records of Human Behavior, Gerald K. Kelso and Faith Harrington

From Pork to Mutton: A Zooarchaeological Perspective on Colonial New Amsterdam and Early New York City, Haskell J. Greenfield

1988, Volume 17

Anthrosols and the Analysis of Archaeological Sites in a Plowed Context: The King's Reach Site, Dennis J. Pogue

The American Headquarters for the Battle of Saratoga, David R. Starbuck

Ceramics and the Sea Trade in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1765-1785, Aileen Button Agnew

Skeletons in the Walls of Old Québec, Jerome S. Cybulski

The Potential Applications of Tooth Cement Increment Analysis in Historical Archaeology, David B. Landon

1987, Volume 16

Archaeologically Defining the Earlier Garden Landscapes at Morven: Preliminary Results, Anne E. Yentsch, Naomi F. Miller, Barbara Paca, and Dolores Piperno

The Use of Opal Phytolith Analysis in a Comprehensive Environmental Study: An Example from 19th-Century Lowell, Massachusetts, William F. Fisher and Gerald K. Kelso

Landfill and Health, a Municipal Concern, or Telling It Like It Was, Joan H. Geismar

An Admirable Police Maintained: Evidence of Sanitary Practices at the New Windsor Cantonment, Edward J. Lenik

Analysis of Faunal Remains From Queen Anne Square, Newport, Rhode Island, Timothy S. Young

Origins of Josiah Wedgwood's "Pearlware," George L. Miller

1986, Volume 15

Introduction, E. Ann Smith

The Beginnings of Modern Historical Archaeology in the Northeast and the Origins of the Conference on Northeast Historical Archaeology, Paul R. Huey

The Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology: The Early Years, Budd Wilson

A Bibliography of Northeast Historical Archaeology, David R. Starbuck

1985, Volume 14

Acadian Maine in Archaeological Perspective, Alaric Faulkner and Gretchen Faulkner

French Occupation of the Lakes Ontario and Erie Drainage Basins: 1650-1760, Donald A. Brown

The Structural Evolution of Fort Frontenac, W. Bruce Stewart

Comparing Museum Collections with Archaeological Collections: An Example Using a Class of Ceramic Items, Lynne Sussman

The British Gate of Fort Beauséjour: An Archaeological Reconstruction, Bruce A. Morton

Mess Calls from Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Frances L. Stewart

1984, Volume 13

Ode to a Lunch Bowl: The Atlantic Lunch as an Interface Between St. Mary's County, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., George L. Miller

"Depart From Hence and Keep This Thought in Mind:" The Importance of Comparative Analysis in Gravestone Research, Elizabeth A. Crowell and Norman Vardney Mackie III

After the Loyalists: The Archaeology of 19th-Century Kingston, Heather Nicol, W. Bruce Stewart, and I.A. Kerr-Wilson

Ceramics and Socio-Economic Status of the Green Family, Windsor, Vermont, Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood and Scott D. Heberling

Log Roads to Light Rails: The Evolution of Main Street and Transportation in Buffalo, New York, Michael A. Cinquino, Marvin G. Keller, Carmine A. Tronolone, Charles E. Vandrei, Jr.

1983, Volume 12


Introduction to Archaeology of the Revolutionary War Period, Charles L. Fisher

Introduction to Symposium on Archaeology of the Revolutionary War Period, Paul R. Huey

Has Historical Archaeology Survived the Bicentennial? An Inquiry into the Development of Historical Archaeology in the United States, Bert Salwen

Archaeological Research at the 1778-79 Winter Cantonment of the Continental Artillery, Pluckemin, New Jersey, John L. Seidel

Archaeology at New Windsor Cantonment: Construction and Social Reproduction at a Revolutionary War Encampment, Charles L. Fisher

Geophysical and Soil Chemical Investigations at New Windsor Cantonment, Joseph Sopko

Drinking Practices and Glassware of the British Military, ca. 1755-85, E. Ann Smith

Evidence of Children at Revolutionary War Sites, Michael Cohn

The Excavation of the Privateer Defence, David C. Switzer

1982, Volume 11

Zooarchaeology and Social History of the Butler-McCook Homestead, Hartford, Connecticut, Nicholas Bellantoni, Robert Gradie III, and David Poirier

Households, Economics, and Ethnicity in Paterson's Dublin, 1829-1915: The Van Houten Street Parking Lot Block, Lu Ann De Cunzo

Hoboken Hollow: A 19th-Century Worker's Housing Site, Sherene Baugher

Fish in Foodways Systems--Data Integration and Patterning, David Singer

1981, Volume 10

Investigations of a Colonial New England Roadway, Cecelia S. Kirkorian and Joseph D. Zeranski

Filling in Round Pond: Refuse Disposal in Post-Revolutionary Boston, Mary Beaudry and Tamara Blosser

Occupational Differences Reflected in Material Culture, Kathleen Joan Bragdon

Philadelphia Gravestones 1760-1820, Elizabeth A. Crowell

The Development of an Urban Socio-Economic Model for Archaeological Testing, Suzanne Spencer-Wood and Richard J. Riley

Pentagoet: A First Look at Seventeenth Century Acadian Maine, Alaric Faulkner

1978-1980, Volumes 7, 8, 9

Earthenwares and Salt-Glazed Stonewares of the Rochester-Genesee-Valley Region: An Overview, George R. Hamell

The Alkaline-Glazed Stoneware of North Carolina, Charles G. Zug III

The Kiln and Red Earthenware Pottery of the Jordan Pottery Site: A Preliminary Overview, David W. Rupp

The Kirkpatricks' Pottery, Anna, Illinois, Ellen Paul Denker

The Living Tradition: A Comparison of Three Southern Folk Potters, John A. Burrison

The Sewer Tile Clay Pottery of Grand Ledge, Michigan, Marsha MacDowell and C. Kurt Dewhurst

Spring 1977, Volume 6, Numbers 1 and 2 


Preface, Diana Stradling and J. Garrison Stradling

A Survey of Traditional Pottery Manufacture in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, Susan H. Meyers

Industrial Pottery of the United State, James R. Mitchell

The Yorktown Pottery Industry, Yorktown, Virginia, Norman F. Barka and Chris Sheridan

Stoneware from Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania, Ronald L. Michael

Groundhog Kilns--Rectangular American Kilns of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Georgeanna H. Greer

Ringoes: An Eighteenth Century Pottery Site, Brenda Lockhart Springsted

Spring 1976, Volume 5, Numbers 1 and 2

Clay Pipes in the Upper Great Lakes: The Ermatinger Assemblage, C.S. "Paddy" Reid

Reed Stem Tobacco Pipes from Point Pleasant, Clermont County, Ohio, James L. Murphy

Excavations at the Bull-Jackson Farmstead, Orange County, New York, Thomas J. Riley

The Metallurgical Study of Fort Ligonier Bayonet Sections, Hand Forged Spikes, and Copper Powder Keg Hoop Sections, J. Alfred Berger, Catherine A. Hawks, and Jacob L. Grimm

Camp Reading: Logistics of a Revolutionary War Winter Encampment, David A. Poirier

Fort Gaddis: Fact or Misnomer, Ronald L. Michael

Spring 1975, Volume 4, Numbers 1 and 2


Salvage Archaeology in Paterson, N.J., 1973-75, Edward S. Rutsch

The Evolution of the Rogers Locomotive Company, Paterson, N.J., Brian Morrell

An Examination of the Technology that Evolved from the Rogers Locomotive Machine Company, Paterson, N.J., Ralph J. Leo

The Nature and Scope of Archaeological Observation, Budd Wilson

A Study of Ten Houses in Paterson's Dublin Area, Jo Ann Cotz

The Role of the Paterson, N.J. Silk Industry in the 19th-Century Atlantic Economy, Richard D. Margrave

Mill Architecture in Paterson, N.J.: A Culmination of the Empirical Tradition in Construction, Toni Ristau

European vs. American Engineering: Pierre Charles L'Enfant and the Water Power System of Paterson, N.J., Russell I. Fries

Fall 1974, Volume 3, Number 2


Editor's Message

Note on "The Ceramics from the Weeksville Excavations," Bert Salwen and Sarah Bridges

Peter Hasenclever and the American Iron Company, Edward J. Lenik

The Delmarva Bog Iron Industry, Edward F. Heite

The Status of Iron Artifacts in American Museums and Some Means of Preserving Them, Robert A. Howard

Spring 1974, Volume 3, Number 1

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The Ceramics from the Weeksville Excavations, Brooklyn, New York, Bert Salwen and Sarah Bridges

Outhouses in Rome, New York, Lee Hanson

Construction of the Albany - Syracuse Railroad: A Study in Early Engineering, Richard F. Palmer

Spring 1972, Volume 2, Number 1 


Editor's Message

The Marquis De Vauban, Lee H. Hanson, Jr.

The Forts of Oswego, Wallace F. Workmaster

Fort Bull, Gilbert Hagerty

Fort Stanwix, Dick Ping Hsu

Fort Nonsense, Edward S. Rutsch and Sally Skinner

Gunflints: Fort Michilimackinac, Lyle M. Stone

Artillery Implements and Carriage Hardware: Fort Plain, New York, Wayne Lenig

Notes on Historical Archaeology, Edited by Iain C. Walker

Fall 1971, Volume 1, Number 2

Editor's Message

Archaeological Field Techniques and Problems, Robert E. Stone

Site Layout and Recording, Edward F. Heite

1971 Spring Symposium Field Trip (photo survey)

Spreading the Word: Some Ideas on Publication and Education, Edward S. Rutsch

Major Contributions in Historical Archaeology, Gilbert Hagerty

Digging Up an Archaeologist, Gordon C. De Angelo

Archaeology and the Public: Out of the Ivory Tower and Into the Streets, David A. Armour

1971 Spring Symposium Speakers Directory

A Sword From the Taunton River, E. Andrew Mowbray

Notes on Historical Archaeology, Iain C. Walker

Spring 1971, Volume 1, Number 1

The Manufacture of Dutch Clay Tobacco Pipes, Iain Walker

The Joys of Urban Archaeology, Dick Ping Hsu

Colonial Crown Point and Its Artifacts, Frank J. Kravic

Megalithic Mystery Hill, Robert E. Stone

1970 Fall Symposium Field Trip (photo survey)

Historic Ironmaking, Jack Chard

1970 Fall Symposium Speakers Directory