The current assessment of American History is based upon best practices and the expertise of American History instructors Drs. David Carson and Kenneth Mernitz, Stephen Pendleton, Jean Richardson,  Felix Armfield and Cynthia Conides.

General Education American History Requirement:

All entering freshmen must take one course in American History from a list of approved courses.  These courses include History 106, American Life I; History 107, American Life II; and Economics 103, The Economic History of the United States.

I.     Outcomes/Objectives

       A.      Students will demonstrate knowledge of a basic narrative of
                 American history:  political, economic, social and cultural,
                 including unity and diversity in American society.

      1. Student will understand the major events which helped shape the political, economic, social and cultural identity of the American people.
      2. Students will understand the origins of the racial and ethnic diversity of the American people.

       B.       Students will demonstrate knowledge of common institutions in
                  American society and how they have affected different groups.

      1. Students will understand the origins and development of the political, economic, social and cultural institutions of the United States and the roles that they have played in American life.
      2. Students will understand the impact of race, class, ethnicity and gender on the development of the American people.

       C.       Students will demonstrate understanding of America’s evolving
                  relationship with the rest of the world.

      1. Students will understand the process by which the United States expanded its territorial boundaries.
      2. Students will understand the emergence of the U.S. as a world power.

II.    Student Performance

Students will take a course-specific, objective exam—a pre-test—at the beginning of the semester made up of questions pertaining to the learning objectives.
During the semester all students will take objective exams which will contain those same questions.

III.   Assessment Criteria/Standards

All exam questions will be objective and evaluated according to the correctness of the answer.  The pre-test scores will be compared with the post-test scores to establish a value-added score or measurement of learning.

Standards for evaluating this exam are as follows:

90% or above correct answers exceeds the standard
75-89% correct answers meets the standard
60-74% correct answers approaches the standard
59% or less correct answers is below the standard

A minimum of 60% of the students should meet the standard.

IV.   Students Assessed

A random sample of students enrolled in History 106, History 107 and Economics 103 will be assessed each semester.  A minimum of 40% of all students enrolled in these courses will be sampled.

V.    Feedback

The results of this assessment activity will be discussed annually at meetings of the participating faculty, and changes/improvements will be made as deemed appropriate by the results.